Butthead General Betray Us


BBC: The US Senate voted to condemn an advertisement attacking the country's top commander in Iraq as he gave key testimony on military progress there>>>

10/02/2007 - 15:15

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Translate this Grab boy!

by farrad02 on

Chakmeh lise kasif!


To Sandnigger....

by Farshad (not verified) on

Khar khodeti mother fucker!
Bache soosoole kooni!
Now go translate this if you have forgotten to speak farsi.


To Sandnigger Ali Yo Farrad02

by Grab the sandniggers by the balls and make them submit (not verified) on

I am sorry sir but I don't speak nor can I read and write in sandnigger language. Please comment in English.


Which way are you heading?

by Manoucher (not verified) on

To warmongers

The Flame

This is not Zoroaster's flame,
Bestowed by the Most Wise to your temple,
To fell upon you wisdom;
It is a torch in the night's lurch
To lead the lost and the exhausted
To a destination known.
This is a flame of war,
Ignited by lust,
And nourished
On sinew of man,
And timber of his abode.
On steeds of what logic,
O Herd Of The Enlightened;
You haste to arms?
In the sheild of what sham
Shall you shelter this shame?
Now, flames have consumed
Vestiges of the last refuge
Of heavens, gene, and tribe.
Are your deepest intents not exposed?


To The idiot going by the name Grab the bull...

by farrad02 on

الاغ تو که خودت هم ایرانی هستی پس سند نیگر به خودت هم میگی داری که!   احمق تو فکر میکنی 10 بیست سال آمریکا بودی شدی آمریکایی؟ هنوز بوی چست تو خونه ننت تو دروازه قار میاد!   همون رفیقهای رد نک خودت وقتی نیستی پشت سرت بهت میگن سند نیگر! حالا اومدی اینجا کاسه داغ تر از آش شدی به ما میگی سند نیگر. آخه اگه میخوای یه ایده و مرام و هدفی روهم  پشتیبانی و دنبال کنی اقلآ دنبال یه چیزی و کسی برو که اکثریت خود آمریکاییها بهت نخندند! آخه جورج بوش گاو چرون که 70 در صد خود آمریکایی ها حالا میگن کوس خله و به ملتش دروغ گفته حالا شده رهبر تو و بهش زنده باد میگی؟  چقدر تو هوش سیاسیت بالاست واقعآ. البته امیدوارم شما چون  مستر ریپابلیکن هستید فارسی خوندن یادتون نرفته باشه!    


Sandnigger Iraj

by Grab the Bull by the Khayeh (not verified) on

We will hang his sandnigger ass up side down from the Golden Gate bridge.

God Bless Bush


sandnigger iraj and the rest of your subhuman tribe

by Eric (not verified) on

your dungheap country will be turned into an even
bigger pile of manure in the very near future.

make a really funny cartoon about that one.


G.DUBYA'S choice between red and blue !

by Majid on

Did you notice that G. DUBIA wears a different color tie depending on the occasion? For example: he wore a BLUE tie when introducing Nancy as the Speaker of the House when Republicans lost the majority in Congress and the Senate ?and RED most of time , specially at found raisings !!!! ( blue and red satets)!! Opportunist or coincidence ??

By the way, a "question" !!

If  "GRESS " means  FOR , like in progress, and "CON " means AGAINST, like in configuration , then what does "CONGRESS " mean? 


Ha ha...

by Nader on

Iraj jan you are a classic and already a favorite artist of mine!

Well done again!


I like your style. Your

by e (not verified) on

I like your style. Your particular way of using of jagged lines makes it energetic, and draws in the attention, but not too overwhelming.