IRAJ: Bush invited to Ferdowsi University


BBC: Bush invited to Ferdowsi University

10/04/2007 - 20:13

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TRUE American

by Tonya (not verified) on

I wish with a tap of the keyboard I could make you vanish like a     f_ _ t in the wind.  You're an embarrassment to any true American  who visits this site to appreciate the value and culture of the Persian people and who wish to contribute or to LEARN something.  Go back to the rock you came out from under.


Iraj is an "Artist"!

by Nader on

...and his work is the true reflection of reality.

Take it or leave it!


To the guy who calls himself the AMERICAN

by Ahvazi2 (not verified) on

What the F are you doing on this site?
We all know by your stupid comments and name callings, you are NOT an American. We the educated readers and writers and cartoonist of this site know you are a looser and BITARBIAT jew like the rest of your kind in the expensive homes of LA, but have no culture and education, and when someone pushes your botttons like saying anything about your puppet masters "American" you get so pissed off, you just write what ever comes out you your mouth, or you other mouth, you Ass.
Stop waisting your time commentig on beautiful art.


Hey Sandniggers ....

by American (not verified) on

One of these days we will get you!?


Well Done

by Amousonny on

This piece contains content, depiction and lacks bias. Good!



THIS , is a cartoon !

by Majid on

My hats off to you IRAJ ! great job.

Where in the heaven have you been ? until couple weeks ago ? THANKS !

finally some "smart , to the point and artistic " cartoons ,with a message, which has nothing to do with what's between " NAAF va ZAANOO" !

And I do agree with "viewer".

In this cartoon , G.B. is present and Ahmady nejaad is on the phone from far away ! I think that's exactly the way it should be drawn!



I disagree with the person named READER

by Viewer (not verified) on

I think Iraj is correct because it is Ahmadinejad who is addressing him from his base in Iran, of course he must be higher and calm, if otherwise the cartoon will look as drawn by an American for domestic consumption...just a thought


Ahmadinejad depiction

by a reader (not verified) on

Your skills are fantastic, but I disagree with the content.

In your cartoon, Ahmadinejad has a normal facial expression and seems content looking. His position at top and being bigger gives him the status of being superior which in all levels contradics what he is and has done. He should look like a belittled lying looney that he is.