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10/02/2007 - 12:13

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Arsehole Farshad

by myopic (not verified) on

Wrong again shitface! Don't even live anywhere near LA where
you wash toilets. That's a big promotion for a moron like you.
By the way, they say even the Arabs are getting tired of your whore mother.


Abgoush joon to chera hashari shodi ye dafe?

by javad (not verified) on

Bia ye chatval beriz hal konim dada!
Maalomme to az oon bahalashi eshghi.
Eshgh ast.


Hey Javad Khayam too Labbat...!?

by Abgousht on

Go fvck your bibi!


agha velesh kon.

by javad (not verified) on

agha farshad velesh kon baba delet khoshe.
kore khar haei mesle in yaroo adam nemishan, bezar to khomari bemoone.
aslan mozooye cartoon beham khord khodaeish.
baba ye zare dorosht tar chap konid ke mam befahmim.


I wanted hi m to have the last word but...

by Farshad (not verified) on

But, Kose nanash!
Typical Los Angelino who is quick to label you as Hezbolahhi when he is cornered!
It's Ok man. I have his mother under control::))


You are surely a sick man!

by pesar tala (not verified) on

Some one who can't tolerate criticism.
I did not use a single profanity against you, yet you have some nerves.
Get help buddy!

By the way, in this case, good for Farshad. EVERY WORD!


Pasar tala/ Pasar kooni

by myopic (not verified) on

Moron, subhuman pasar tala, we've got you and your ilks'
numbers but good! You can't even begin to guess at half of it.
Morons like you don't even realize how much we've got on you...
but you will, in due course.



by Pesar tala (not verified) on

this farshad guy has a foul mouth but he surely served you right this time. you've been playing a double agent role on this site and i am just happy somebody said something.



by myopic (not verified) on

Your last mouthful of crap sounds like a pretty good self-description.

It's filthy subhuman vermin like you who will be the first traitors to stand
in line to sell yourselves and your kin to the next rulers of Iran
after the mullahs are massacred and forever exterminated.


Boro bache mozalaf kooneto bede!

by Farshad (not verified) on

Your mother said that if I don't bother you no more, she is going to include your sister in the orgy too!
So I am going to make this short and sweet for you.
My aim was to prove to all that we have some "bache kooni" in our community who are willing to go to any distance to sell their country (and mother in this case) to prove a point.
So guys, next time you see a post that you thought an American was behind it, pause and think. We have some mother fucker traitors who cowardly disguise themselves to spread shit!
Iraj's work is excellent and it just bugs the heck of few BACHE MOZALAF who can't do a fucking thing about it!
Go have the last work now. See if anyone cares.
Your mother says hi::))


Profanity takes its toll on

by Midwesty (not verified) on

Profanity takes its toll on people’s psyche plus undermining the artist’s work. It hurts the insulter as much as the insulted. Please don’t treat comment section as a chat room. Please disagree but don’t kill each other. There are no absolute bad and good. Please believe that you can change people’s mind with logic. Profanity will not help your cause. I am gravely ashamed.


Hey Farshad'e Obnee

by reek ot nook Farshad (not verified) on

First, let's see what your IQ is, decode my name! It has been me all along, you idiot. This poor myopic dude is too nice a guy to be able to koonet bezareh. What you need is a guy with a keerkoloft.

Talk is cheap, put your money where sorakh koon is. Jut let me know the time and place and I will present myself with my big goodies. You have three choices to lubricate your sorakh koon:

a) Vaseline,
b) Donbeh,
c) Toff.

The choice is yours baby!

BTW... Keer to koon Iraj too!


Farshad, or is it (more appropriately) Full-of-shit

by myopic (not verified) on

In point of fact, my mother died 20 years ago. So your
rant is an obvious lie, like the rest of your foul-mouthed,
gutter-bred statements.

Are you so pissed off because you now know that your mother,
having serviced the USMC, is now doing the same thing for the
Arabs in the UAE?

It's been said that swearing is the eloquence of the illiterate,
which proves that you are very illiterate. Try taking some remedial
courses at kindergarten level at one of the local schools for the
mentally retarded and educationally handicapped. They might even
be able to help you track down your mother in a whorehouse in the


Haha...You can change your name but...

by Farshad (not verified) on

You can change your name but to me you are the same asshole behind the keyboard regardless of your disguise!
Ok, listen mother fucker. I eat bache kooni's like you for breakfast, so don't even think that I was intimidated by your childish post.
The reason I knew about your mother is because right now she is sitting on my dick instructing me to do her faster. Call her cell phone if you don't believe me.
By the way, deep inside I know that you are really not an American . Faghat to az oon bache kooni tarsoohash hasti ke behet "pekh" konan mirine to shalvaresh.
Boro kooneto bede.

Iraj jan sorry for the profanities. But someone had to defend your work. Any time dadash!


Is it true?

by Qumars Blourchian (not verified) on

I can't beleive the profane language in this site? I am even more surpised about Iraj's time in Evin. Lord know's the size of hi butthole. They say that SAVAKi's used massive and long chomagh to interrogate their suspects.

Iraj Jan:

Did they use vaseline or Khoshk Khoshk!?



Please do not let these Shahis slow you down in your great work

by Chap is Alive and Kicking (not verified) on

Dear Iraj:

Please do not allow these low-life shahis belittle your great work.
Don't let name calling such as sandnigger bother you. You have been through much harder times than these. During the Shah's time you were repeatedly raped by SAVAKIs in the Evin prison and yet you came out proud and live your life in San Fransisco with your partners.
Please continue with your great work and let these people call you sandnigger, koskesh's commie, mother fvcker, etc.

God Bless Iraj

PS: reek ot nook dahsraf


Farshad's mother

by myopic (not verified) on

Is that really what happened to your own mother? Oops...forgot!
You don't even know who your mother is. Try looking for her in
one of the Arab countries, she's probably doing good business
selling her charms.


This is the translation for Eye Doctor!

by Farshad (not verified) on

The cartoon is about your mother who has been giving it away to Iraqi's left and right. The whore is going to be transfered to Iran soon for a good ass bang!
Glad to be help yankee dude!


I can stick my dick into your eyes so you can see

by Eye Doctor (not verified) on

well the shit this idiot sannigger is saying....



by microscope (not verified) on

Agree: very, very kheili rizeh,- like the single neuron moron
who produced it.


Iraj jan, I can't read a thing!?

by Nader on

The text is too small!!

Sorry bud!


rizeh rizeh...kheili rizeh

by a reader (not verified) on

the writing is too small, even the larger screen