IRAJ: Surge

10/03/2007 - 18:44

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Great work!

by Nader on

Well done Iraj!


Bush whatever...

by Arteshi-Sabegh (not verified) on

I am not a republican nor crazy about Bush, but I think he's making a difference by doing this surge strategy. Besides, he is the commander in chief and deserves our respect.


Damet garm!

by farrad02 on

Great work as always!

Jeesh Daram

Great work Iraj

by Jeesh Daram on

Nice movements and metaphors.


Let's respect the work that is being done

by Concerend Iranian (not verified) on

Hi, The cartoon and the anti-Bush, anti-Republican comment sounds good to the unwary and gullible. But the reality is the surge is working. We should applaud anything that reduces human bloodshed. This way, some day soon the U.S. will leave and the Iraqis will rule themselves. Remember, these soldiers are there to help make this happen. I am not gullible. I am a realist.


Kos nagu azhdar

by Azhdar kon (not verified) on

Come on now, you can't be as stupid as you sound azhdar kirbaz. being a republican is something, and being an idiot and ruthless inhuman bastard another!


Hey Iraj Deevooneh, the surge has indeed worked....!?

by Azhdar Kftarbaz (not verified) on

It has certainly stopped your terrorist pals from blowing theselves up!?