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10/02/2007 - 15:14

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Kaveh Nouraee

Instead of whining about Israeli lobbyists

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Rather than piss and moan about Israeli lobbyists, why don't we start calling ourselves and acting like Israeli lobbyists and see how much influence there really is.


Who said America wants to spread freedom and democ. in Iran

by An AMerican (not verified) on

All we want your oil and your women!?


"DEMOCRACY 101", American style!!

by Nader on

People who call us "sandnig....s" today, want to spread "freedom" in our country?!

Just think about it folks!


An exaggeration - but that's

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

An exaggeration - but that's what cartoon's are all about.


Once a sandnigger always a sandnigger

by Iraj is a Sandnigger (not verified) on

that's what Iraj and all his admirers are!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?



by lili (not verified) on

Your artwork is very sophisticated


Thank you Faramarz

by postchi (not verified) on

damet say it like it ham midoonam in emrikayee haye koon nashoshte kareshoono mikonan....baraye pool va seri olagh ham migan marg bar esraeel.



by Farshad (not verified) on

What an asshole you are "boy". Get a life!

Don't worry guys. He is not even Iranian.

By the way, great work Mr. Iraj!


Nice cartoon!

by Slash! (not verified) on

And faramarz, just shut the hell up you backward freak.
To boro kooneto be Amrikaei ha bede madar jende!
Age ye zare khaye dashti ke montazer nemishodi ye moasht ajnabi bian mamlekateto begiran. Pa mishodi mirafti khodet ye gohi mikhordi ke keshvar az daste in akhoon ha nejat peyda kone bache mozalafe khianatkar!
Now go suck Debra Cagan's dick::))


Faramarz or whatever your name is...

by Nader on

You are wrong on your generalization. To create a debate you must first drop your "stereotype". Som far you have no argument.




You missed my point completely.

by faramarz fateh (not verified) on

Mr. Iraj (or whatever your name),

You have missed the point again....completely.


faramarz, you are assuming too much!

by no_name (not verified) on

Farmarz (or whatever your real name is),

My parents were pro-Israeli as they disliked anything Arab or Islamic and viewed them as invaders and my grandfather preferred doing business with the Jewish business owners as he though he always got a better deal.

My criticism of Israel lobby started in my post-college life, as I delved deeper into the issues and power of lobby.

I have a lot of Jewish friends, from those who are neutral to Israel or open-minded about the situation to a few right-wing ones. So, you can not use the anti-antisemitism flag on me, my friend.

The Israel lobby is more powerful than either the two major political party in US. They get their power through money, media control and strong organizational structure. Which they use to win seats, intimidate dissent, and perform character assassination and more.

They are so strong, that when anyone in FBI investigates any Israeli related organized crime, or spying they basically commit career suicide.


Face this fact that Islamists have inflicted more pain

by Islam is poison for Iran (not verified) on

Fanatic Islamists have planted the seed of anti Jews in every one of us. They do not allow us to be Iranian in our own country. Face this fact that Islamists have inflicted more pain to us than all combined western colonization.

The interest of our nation is to be neutral and serve Iranian people.


How stupid can you be?

by faramarz fateh (not verified) on

There is no question that Israel, because of rich Jews in New York and LA, has a decent level of influence on the U.S. government.

But wake up you prejudiced Iranian morons who hate Israel because from age 2 your stupid parents and grand parents brainwashed you by blaming all on Jews.

The average White American Christian hates us a lot more than the average Jew in Israel. I guarantee that. Worry about mending fences with the WASPs because the U.S. bombardment of strategic sites in Iran will happen.....not a matter of IF, a matter of WHEN.


Great cartoon

by Anonymisses (not verified) on

Iraj you truly are the OFFICIAL cartoonist on That other retard (whos name i wont mention) is a speck of dust on the landscape of your talent.

I just hate that flag. Thats all.


That is so true and beyond...

by Nader on

Nice one Iraj jan!

Post 9/11 happenings are true evidence into this simple cartoon.


corrected PDF link ot Harvard Paper on Israel Lobby

by no_name (not verified) on


Here is the correct link to the PDF file:




by no_name (not verified) on

AIPAC is only one of the Israeli lobbies in us and in terms of funding alone they in the top 3. But when you include their vast media access and organization power, they stand alone on top.

However, unlike other top lobbies in Washington, where the concern might be the right for the US citizens to carry arms, or issues related to seniors in USA, AIPAC's main beneficiary is Israel, a foreign government.

The power of foreign lobby gravely undermines the sovereignty of USA which is visible in US policy abroad that has worked against America's interests.

I recommend reading this short PDF file, by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt two scholars from top US institutions:



God Bless America

by Not So Anonymous (not verified) on

You may be required to lie, steal or kill to protect Israel!



stop over doing every thing!

by mrclass on

Ok baba, we know that Isreali lobbyst have some influence over the U.S government but not to extent that you guys make it believe!