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06/03/2008 - 14:32

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how are Iranian surviving in their own country?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

I think the one who is realy concerned only on behalve of solidarity feelings towards Iranians living in Iran better goes to Islamic Republic of Iran and convinces her-/himself if the conditions of Life are good or not . All the explanations of "IRANIAN"s about the bad unhappy sever and difficult conditions of life in that country CAN be interpreted as results of other feelings and proposals than only real solidarity. The Bushy Bushy and co. are also concerned about Iran and Iranians.
Why I had never had the possibilty to read even a very smal remark about the difficulties which Iranians have in their daily life in thediaspora in "IRANIAN"? The western media report daily about the difficult life in countries where the western Inhabitants do knot know even their names. It is more than clear wgat the purpose is: The western poeples should not have time to think about their own miseries. Why "IRANIAN" reports only about Inflation in Iran? Isnt it better to try to repair one´s own environment? reporting about rassism, unjustice, inflation, lacking of medical help for all poeple, also for emigrants and so on? regarding high preises for Houses: For a sold house in Iran one must pay customs. This prevents the allways getting higher inflation. And How about 15th of Khordad? Does any body have a word to report? Greeting


گرونی مسکن خبر خوشی نیست

AnonymousMM (not verified)

گرونی زمین و آپارتمان و خونه برای قشر متوسط و پایین‌تر هرگز خبر خوشی نبوده و معنی‌ش رکود بازار مسکنه. اگه بفروشی ارزون فروختی و ممکنه نتونی ملکی به همون ارزونی بخری بجاش و اگه نگه داری هم که فایده‌ای نداره. اجازه‌اش هم متناسب با تورم بالا می‌ره و نفعی نداره. حتی بساز بفروش‌های معمولی هم از این مساله خوش‌حال نمی‌شن. فقط اقلیت خرپول هستن که می‌تونن از این وضع سود ببرن که اونا هم نگران قیمت برنج و گوشت و شکر نیستن هیشوقت.


I know the wishes

by ImtheKing (not verified) on

Very smart cartoon. I know the 'best wishes for the next year' it is to be ride of all mullahs in iran. That's perhaps to much in one year, but if we can dream it, we can do it...

To IranDokht, Khomeini said right, in fact economy is the most concern of mahmood now.


Oil Money

by PedramMoallemian on

Wondering if anyone out there actually knows what percentage of Iran's current production has already been pre-sold on long term agreements (to Japan, China, etc.) at prices around $9 a barrell? Oh, not to mention the value of those dollars which has sunk since the deals were made.



by Mehdi on

But Iran's economy does mystify me. I guess all that oil money. No matter how much of it is stolen there is still quite abit left. No wonder long term wars are justified because of it.


Great work

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

In your cartoon you clearly painted the true picture of Iranian hardship.

Average Iranian earn maybe $50/month. To feed a family of 4 in Iran maybe can cost you on average $500-$600 (Eating simple food). So, please someone explain to me how are Iranian surviving in their own country.

We are proud people and we rarely show it to the outsiders our hardship and agony. But at the end of the night is the poor wife and the kids who have to suffer because of the economic pressure and the hardship their father either beats up their mother or constantly is cursing they can't afford their next meal or pay their next bill.

Iranian government selling oil at $130/barrel you tell me.........


but of course

by IRANdokht on

اقتصاد مال خراست امام خمینی