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06/10/2008 - 10:54

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The news of the day

by Qioumars on


احمدی نژاد: حسرت یک نیشگون از ایران به دل بوش مانده


Vive Mahmoud khareh


Now it makes sense

by Anonymouse on

Thanks for the explanation. I couldn't connect the dots because in the past you had used these characters in other roles.  For example, the US guy looks like George Michael in Michael Jackson's clothes and I think in the past he was used as a Monarchist or Shahi. And the Iraqi guy was used as a Communist before.


For Mahmood Mahmoodi

by eyeranian on

I f U.S. can take 300,000 soldiers all the way across the world to illegally invade a sovereign nation that posed no threat to it (and now make clear it will be staying there for the long term,) how can it accuse the next door neighbors of "interfering" in "internal" matters of Iraq? If anyone is interfering in the region, shouldn't that be the U.S. government first and before all else? I'd say get out first and then we may believe your well intentions, otherwise you are actually inviting the interference you supposedly detest so much.

Thank you for your comments, both Mahmood and others.



One goes another country, destroys a nation

by Abarmard on

Then blames the other for interfering!

A comical reality 


Iran did it again

by 135 (not verified) on

The character represents US Army in Iraq

The isurgencies(roadside bombing, car bombing, suicide bombing, etc) in Iraq is blamed on Iran.
Actualy whatever happens in neigbouring countries or region which does not fit in US political agenda, Iran is to be held responsible for, despite of having no hard evidence.
In some cases, the insurgencies are planned, funded and operated secretly by a ruling system in order to convince, convert or intimidate the public mind on a specific subject, or intentionally cause friction between two political or religious groups. These sort of operations mainly categorised as False-Flag. A very recent example is the rising tension between sunni and shi'it in mid-east.


I can't undrestand what the

by Mahmood Mahmoodi (not verified) on

I can't undrestand what the last pic means.


Good point

by Abarmard on

That's how it is :)