EYERANIAN: Iran is great!

07/02/2008 - 11:28

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Shida in other hand things

by Reeesa (not verified) on

Shida in other hand things that America is the wonderland that as soon as she gets in she can continue going to school and get a degree. But for now will take care of the rusty balls of Hamid to get what she wants. But soon she find herself pregnant with twins, and also has to work in the pizza place to cover for the labor cost. But the mall trips are fun plus the SUV that Hamid leased for her.



by eyeranian on

Hamid listed his "22 phone lines" amongst his U.S. assets for Shida's family, plus the house that has a variable mortgage and negative equity, not to mention the car, that is leased.
This is his third marriage (first one was for green card, second one was a khareji and those never work out, you know) and if his second wife hadn't taken him to cleaners and the subsequent gambling and alcohol problems that it created, he would have enough credit to buy the pizza place. However, as it is, the franchiser is financing it for him.
It is still interesting to me that nobody says anything negative about Shida!



by eyeranian on

No, she is Shida. Trust me, I should know!



Hamid is a Pizza place owner

by Reeeesa (not verified) on

Hamid is a Pizza place owner with 25 years of shitty work attitude and no social status which stiffs people the food and never finshed school because he came with the shah`s money for scholarship from the villages in Iran to study in US university, and he got multiple SS#`s and Multiple Credit cards to screw and buy his buisiness and quit school, now he got his citizenship and wants the young stiff ones to screw. probably he told to Shadi family he is a doctor or engineer in US.

Rosie T.

she looks five because she's not shida...she's what's her name..

by Rosie T. on

you know, the little one...not Khadiza...Ayesha.


Old Horny Guys

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

with their aftaab mahtaab nadideh babe brides(yeah right). It's exhilarating when these Shidas max out the credit cards and say goodbye.


Iranihaye nadideh va

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Iranihaye nadideh va shallow

Very true and very funny, Shida is realy cute too! she looks five.