EYERANIAN: Iranian missile tests

07/11/2008 - 11:27

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by Fair on

That is your choice, you can credit whoever you want however much you want.

But fact is, from a technical standpoint, coming up to speed on all the weapons we were buying (and building) before the revolution is just as big an accomplishment (if not bigger) than the assembly and improvement of these North Korean copies of 50 year old Russian rockets (which are not subject to sanctions).

Especially since Iran in 1979 already was in a much better technical state than only 20 years earlier, when we pretty much had to start from nothing.

i would say we are doing *what we can* to defend ourselves from a material standpoint, but not from a political standpoint. Our leaders are talking big without really having anything to back it up, and therefore once again playing with the security of our poor people.

Talk big and carry a small stick- NOT a good policy for defence.



its called sanctions!

by tehran24 (not verified) on

in fact, i give 'em more credit now, despite the unjust sanctions, we are doing our best to defend iran!


..because Sepah took it out

by Fair on

Once the news broke, Sepah replaced the doctored photo with the one with only 3 launches. That is why you cannot see it. Some military forums have the whole sequence for you to see, I can give you the info if you want.

To clear up a couple of things- being Iranian does not require that you go along with a lie put out by your government. You can be Iranian and for the truth at the same time.

Furthermore, for those who think that these missiles are the result of our experts' hard work, and that in previous times we used to just buy this stuff, you are wrong. These rockets are also bought from China and North Korea, and are modified by Iran. In both times, our experts worked hard to advance our country as best they could, and I am proud of all of them for trying. But this government sets us up with 60 year old technology, and the previous one set us up with the latest and greates of the time. The equivalent of this rocket test in 1979 would have been for Iran to test fly some biplanes from 1920's that it had modified and improved itself.

Just to put things in perspective, in other words, let's be FAIR.


hamchin aksi toos siteh

by Arian (not verified) on

hamchin aksi toos siteh sepah man nadidam! mishe lotf konid linke mosatghimo bedin?



by turke bahall (not verified) on

It means: violent intruders of Iran will ride back their home land with long range Persian missiles rather than Persian carpets.heheheheeheh

ba lahjeh turkey: zendeh bad Iran va bar pedar doshman lanat...:)



by Anonymoussssss (not verified) on

The comocosi launch is such an accourate reflection of the way Irani's operates. But what I really love about it is that at the end, they'll hit their targets. Maybe not in the right order, but they'll get it done.

And It will make me so proud to see Iran become nuclear!


is it true

by MRX1 (not verified) on

that the blue prints of these missiles came from imam zaman office? any how when it comes to propaganda islamo facist regime is quite good. well some times they goof up too. keep up the good work.


Another AFP bastardry

by Fabrice Vernier (not verified) on

Is there any evidence (e.g. something archived on // that shows that the very first photo (the fake one, with 4 launched missles) has ever been on some iranian source?

All the traces (pointing toward AFP) suggest that the retouched image was in fact yet another AFP production.


What makes me proud

by Mehdi on

is not for Iran to show that it has some kind of military strength. What makes me proud is not to see Iran becoming another Israel, with lots of force and no friends, resented globally by everyone. What makes me proud is not to see Iran becoming a bully or have suicidal tendencies. What makes me proud is not an Iran that threatens any country that states something critical of it. What makes me proud is to see Iran become the friendliest nation in the region - to see Iran making strong pacts of friendship with its neighbors and the rest of the world. What makes me proud is to see Iran follow the example of Cyrus the Great who was known as a LIBERATOR and not an OCCUPIER or an AGRESSOR. No amount of Iran's military power would impress me. Nobody is impressed with Israel or the hawkish factions of the US government. Only a bunch of low-lives feel similarity between themselves and such. Such criminals take their powers from the hard working decent people who have, unfortunately, lost control of their own governments. No - firing missiles, real or fake, does not impress me and does nothing for my national pride.


Both your log-in name and

by varjavand on

Both your log-in name and your writing are cute. heep on writing



This is called; Work Ethic

by 135 (not verified) on

Dear Jahaan,

I had a early morning posth here.
No problem, mate.
I really admire and appreciate your honesty.


Agh maa begeem?

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

I have no idea how missiles and other projectiles work, the one I hasn't been pointing at the sky for years! But I know a little bit about psyops and the "art" of propaganda and Iranians win those hands down. Just consider the fact these "photo" have been the center of discussion worldwide with the help of NY Times, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz,,, etc. just to mention a few. One should realize the picture(s) have been more effective in terms of keeping the discussions going than the actual events which I am sure took just a few minutes. Those few minutes have resulted in hours of work by the "rotoush" people as well as the bikaar people like me and the rest of the posters in many publications. Now, THAT'S called "feshfesheh baazi", in other words, "shamourti baazi". Those who get paid for this stuff call it psychological warfare.
BTW, I'd like to beg to come up with an easier way to block the spammers. Those "math problems" are mind boggling to people like me. I have bought a calculator just to be able to post on this forum! With the economy the way it is, I can't handle these extravagant expenses. I suggest finger prints, or iris scan, something less mentally taxing. Look, I just got .... + twelve = 21! Now how am I supposed to know that?!!! Rahm ham khoob cheezeih, baba.

Jahanshah Javid

Your comment was not published?

by Jahanshah Javid on

There was at least one anonymous comment for this posting which I deleted by mistake when I woke up Saturday morning. Instead of clicking on "approve", I deleted a whole list of comments for various articles.

Kheyli bebakhsheed.

Please repost.


Ayatollah Missile [ع]


how dare you Eyeranian! it,s holy like everything else in mullah land.even,cars ,sidewalks,toilettes... 


it is called...

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

playing it down...they know they are gonna face some resistance from Iran Army as much as I dislike IRI regime I hate the oil and blood thirsty Zionists and rednecks more!

Neither America or Iran need a war right now. The only country that would benefit from war is the same country that has benefited from the instability in middle east which is the Israel.


beh KHODEMOON (Mellat-e Iran) Bekhandim

by Anonymous-a (not verified) on

Aya Alaan vaghtesheh keh khodemoon beh KHODEMOON (Mellat-e Iran)
Bekhandim, o khodemoon ro bishtar tooye doya maskhareh konim ?
Adamay mamooli tooye khiyaboon keh Farghi bein Man va Shoma va
dolat-e Iran nemeedoonan!!!!!!!!

Mardom a'di fekr mikonan maha hameh yeki hastim!

Ageh vaght kardin bebinin tooye yahoo answer mardom kooche o
khiyaban chi minevisan raaje beh maha keh kh...... o-- bi....... o ........
.....hastim! ( ta jayee keh delete-shoon nakonan minevisan)

Mardom agheleshoon beh cheshme shooneh cheshmeshoon ham keh media ra mibineh
o internet ro!!!

Hala doost darid benevisid o aks bezarid o khodemoon ra bishrtar az bish
masskhareh konid ,va digaran ham hameh ( dar comment -ha) (be joz chand nafar) hameh be reesh khodemoon bekhandim!?

Ageh yek mogheh jang (omidvaram, khoda koneh hichvaght nasheh) hala agar shod o talafat ziad dadim --man o shoma keh nemimirim -- oon mogheh ham mikhnandin??

Baaaleh agar mozoo-e jang o geyreh nabood in
aks ha kheili ham
khandeh dar bood, vali dar in mogheyyat chi????

Khod daneed.


WHO dropped the Atom bombs !

by imran (not verified) on

Ring a bell in your minds? Who slaughtered and butchered under the cover of fake papers of fake promises the Great Native Indians? The so called Americans ! the wierdos, homeless, thieves, rapists and habitual criminals of the century , from Europe who today call themselves the Americans! pointing fingers at others as foreigners, illegal aliens etc etc. These are the Real Terrorists who hide behind the shroud of human rights but then the worst of its kind in all nature.
So tell me which other nation has become a nation of Terrorism if not USA.Indeed they all came from the European soil to become this great evil comprised of Nazi blood line. And how pure can be then the intents and their actions. Those whose vessels carry the filthiest of blood lines. Sure !if you spray spray shit with gold dust to hide it and pour fragrances on it. It can fool but not too many . After all nature has its way to clean up such mess as ordained by the Lord of the Worlds known as Allah ! And who can go more wrong than the ones who cannot understand their 1st commandment : Thou shall have no other gods before me - ( And did it say thou shall not hang my son on the cross? but help him because his father is so helpless? ) haha ! Even an insect knows the Real Creator and HIS laws and fears HIS Wrath ! but not the nation of Bush !
So watch the famine come to your evil dwellings, the Tornadoes, Rains and floods on one side and Fire and Earthquakes on its other side. Watch the fruits of your seeds you sowed, because its time to Reap and its the job of the Reaper! Thou shall burn in Hell and I will be there to kick your asses into it. Make sure you bring along your SIX PACKS along with your adulteress mothers and sisters and your daughters.
For now wait and see how you enter the year 2009 - if you can handle the 2008 first.
God bless the prophets - Abraham, Moses , Jesus and Muhammad. Peace be upon them all.


You People Are Too Much!!!

by eyeranian on

All I can do is to actualy roll on the floor and laugh!!!



Oh, and for enayat, all 5 are the same one missile! LOL



Eyeranian is just joking!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

Hey Iranians,eyeranian is just joking. Do not get all excited and do not take him too seriously.He is just trying to be funny that it was all a joke.Tell them eyeranian:)


this one is fake too!

by enayat (not verified) on

The "actual picture" is fake also.
If you look carefully to the one which coming down is the montage of the third one from the right (going up), but upside down.
Stupid politics!.


to the one calls ayatolaahs smart

by nemah (not verified) on

ayatolaahs are not smart, if they lasted that long is because we Iranian are cowards.....


  Another Cheap

by varjavand on


Another Cheap Shot!

I watched the live newscast of the missiles launching on TV and saw no mishap.  Even if it happened, what kind of fool would take joy and pride in a mistake made by his fellow countrymen and provide an added excuse and support for those who just love to make Iran look bad.  By the way, have you forgotten the space shuttle explosions and mishaps in the US?

The missiles don’t have to do anything with mullahs; they are the results of hard work of the Iranian scientists whom should make you proud not resentful.

With all due respect, I am also appalled by the one-sidedness of the owner of this website who claims to be a journalist and is supposed to adhere to the professional rules of impartiality, fairness, and balance.  By consistently taking side with a particular group of the contributors to this site, I believe he is in violation of the basic journalistic standards and codes of ethics.  As a journalist, my friend, you should not be biased but adhere to the rules of your profession and attempt to inform not misinform.



Israeli Prpeganda against IRAN! U believe what U want 2 believe!

by gol-dust on

How are you so sure? I guess it was 2 good to believe and scared the hell of Israel and US! COWARDS ONLY ATTACK THE WEAK! Now they try to discredit the whole thing! SO FUNNY? I am dying of laughing! You are relieved that they can attack iran without iran being able to retaliate? You are wrong! THIS WAR IS SERIOUS! DOWN WITH ISRAEL THE MOTHER OF ALL MID EAST WARS! HENRY KISSINGER THE MURDERER MASSACARED INNOCENT VIETNAMES. NOW US? WE'LL SHOW THEM! They can all go to hell! 

I don't fall for everything that I see! There is more than what meets the eye, you know it all! Devil Israel go to hell!  Fight Imperialism all the way!


Parthian's e-mail

by Sherrysafarai (not verified) on

The mullahs may be degenerate but not the populace of which you are one. Also, one thing these ayatolaahs are NOT and that is idiots. They are extremely smart otherwise they could not have lasted all this time.


what is even more absurd...

by Parthian on

is that the degenerate mullahs ruling over a degenerate populace thinks that the rest of world population is as dumb as people like Xerxes(yeah mr superpower) and all the basiji thugs in IRCG.

Idiot ayatollahs, stick to fooling the Iranian people, after 30 years, I am sure they are bound to fall for your 13th century scheme and designs...but know your limit as well..not every one is as dumb...


Eyeranian are you serious?

by Ali reza (not verified) on

Eyeranian are you serious about the actual launching picture or were you busy at the photoshop doctoring a fake picture as well:-)


Hilarious :))))

by Sia.A (not verified) on

Good job. It’s very funny.

But let's face it...Maybe our Mooshaks (Missiles) are not that accurate but we’re gonna’ kick their ass in Photoshop.

Bring it on babe ;)

kaleh dar

greate Deception !

by kaleh dar on

Afaarin be Seppahe Pasdaran . these pictures shows how mellat hamishe haazer ..Kallak meezaneh be americayeh jahan-khar ! this is a greate military deceptive manouver , called ZIGZAG, you let your roccket go in six different direction,including toward  faarghe sare mellat beechareh, then when you confusedthe enemy completely,  fire the real ones ,and cover your ears and hopefuly your mataht,and hope for a direct hit. ghorbane hamegee


Act strong when you’re

by sad (not verified) on

Act strong when you’re weak, act weak when you’re strong.

So at the very moment that Iran should be proving that they are not a threat, they openly make threats.

That seems like a weird plan. The kindest and cruelest thing you can do to someone is take them seriously.

If Iran claims to be a grave threat to America, maybe one of these days they will attack and the Iranian people have to pay for the false bravado of bunch of moteAfen IRGC or Baiji idiots.


This is not the first time.

by my2cents1 (not verified) on

This is not the first time. They have done this many times before; a big bluff, and a bogus video. How embarrassing...

Boosting the Morale with Old Pictures of the Magnificent Missile Test, Pictures of which do not exist!!! This is the Islamic Republic of Fools.

How desperate can you get to Reuse Photoshopped Missile Launch Photos?? The Supreme Leader has lost it...Rahbar is getting senile or using too much opium...

This photo in the Iranian Republic News Agency report on Wednesday July 9, 2008, shows the same missile that appeared in a report in 2007.

The New York Times is going to expose more on the bogus photos Iran released this on their missile tests.

Many of Iran's claims related to its missile tests appears to be smoke and mirrors, the NEW YORK TIMES is planning to report on Saturday.

The missiles tested DID NOT not have 2,000-kilometer range; it was an older missile that was out of production, newsroom sources.

A video showed what appeared to be many missiles being fired is actually one missile, filmed from different angles.

NYT's Bill Broad is planning to quote Pentagon officials and military insiders.

I'm glad that the media has decided not to boast about the Great Persian War machine, which appears to not even exist as they did with Sadaam's non-existent military power.