EYERANIAN: Loyalties?

07/10/2008 - 11:59

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Nazy Kaviani

National Schezophrenia

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you Eye. I often tell my friends that we are probably the most schezophrenic immigrant population of this country! The schezophrenia finds its way into our thinking, rhetoric, and politics in many different ways. It also makes us unpredictable to ourselves and to others--hence the "what day is today?" part of your cartoon! I hold that people inside Iran are schezophrenic and unpredictable to some degree, too. So I don't buy the sweeping statements which say "if ..... happens Iranians will ..... ." I think until something earnestly happens, nobody can be totally sure of a schezophrenic nation's reactions to it.


والا دروغ چرا


وقتی محمود از اسراییل بد میگه, با اسراییلیم
وقتی اسراییل طیارهاشو هوا میکنه, با محمودیم
حتی بعضی وقتا دلمـون به حال بوش هـم میسوزه
چه کنیم, اینا هـمـه بخاطره دل کوچیکمـونه


Brilliant, funny, truthful

by Anonymous But Hillarious (not verified) on

Brilliant, funny, truthful and well executed. I am very excited to see someone contributing cartoons that are not insulting to our intelligence on this site. Particularly since it obviously doesn't meet any specific political agenda.

Bravo Eyeranian!

ps: I admit to having done it too!


E eetori?

by Abarmard on

ee etori maro negah nako kako, ma khomun yeh ruzi komokisk boodimaa

Jahanshah Javid

There's Iranians for you

by Jahanshah Javid on

Perfect! Well done. (I've been known to change sides too! :o)))