EYERANIAN: Passion for Persian Gulf

05/13/2008 - 07:21

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Re: racist and not funny

by eyeranian on

Thank you all for your feedback and comments, positive or negative.

One I did not understand from "maziarfayaz" is how this was racist? Please explain.




by Majid on

DAMET GARM daadaash! Zadee too khaal!


There is No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

by AnonymousMM (not verified) on

آیرانین گرامی همیشه از کارهات لذت می‌برم اما این یکی رو دوست نداشتم. هم موضوع پرژن گالف موضع حساسیه و بهتره در موردش شوخی نکنیم و هم این‌که طنزش زیاد بامزه نبود. ما نباید حتی در مقام اعتراض به جعل نام خلیج فارس هم از خود نام جعلی استفاده کنیم چون براش غیر مستقیم تبلیغ کرده‌ایم. نباید بذاریم گوش‌ها به شنیدنش عادت کنه.


A serious Question in a funny way! :)

by B A B A K (not verified) on

As far as I heard 50% of a joke implies a serious issue reflecting a hidden controversy, thats why I decided to answer the raised Q :)

Your Q: May I ask why you care so much about this one issue?

1. Due to the same reason making the Gulf of Mexico be "The Gulf Of Mexico" not "The Gulf of America" and the Arabian sea be "Arabian sea" not "Iranian sea" and sea of Oman be "The Sea of Oman" not ""The sea of Sistan" and the same pattern of logic for the other recognized international body of waters ;)

2. Because the Persian Gulf occupies a pivotal place in the Iranian history and culture making it definitely more than a name but an undeniable and everlasting part of Persian Historical Heritage ;)

3. Because Iran abuts the Persian Gulf for 2,000 Km, while about a dozen recently-created Arab Sheikhdoms and emirates border the Gulf on the other side ;)

4. Because this is the sole recognized name endorsed and clarified by the United Nations on many occasions and is in use by the UN, its member states, and all other international agencies worldwide. One of the latest UN Directive confirming the name of the Persian Gulf was (reference ST/CS/SER.A/29/Add.2) on August, 18th 1994.

5. Because If no one should have any commitment to follow the UN protocols, every nation state in the world including Iran, could also start fabricating names for the international body of waters the way they prefer based on their own taste, International benefits and interests ;)

Is that what as a world looking for?! A world with no commitments in compromises! what an anarchy it is going to result! :)

Let's respect the UN Protocols as the world reference. :)


Persian Gulf

by Jahangard (not verified) on

Let's be realistic, Arabs can't get back the lands that they lost to Israel but they want to change the name of Persian Gulf?, shame on us if we allow this to happen, we should send them back to the desert and let them enjoy their lizard eating contest.


racist and not funny

by maziarfayaz (not verified) on

why are you taking the mickey out of the iranians and our right to call our gulf the persian gulf, and it is certainly not funny


I also agree with Mitra on this!

by Nader on

Funny work, however, we have a a very serious issue at hand!

We shall NEVER give up on this. NEVER!


Ok,0k this is kind of funny

by eyeranian on

Thanks Mitra for recognizing it is okay to be shallow once in a while and even laugh at ourselves. Will look forward to your future comments.



bi mazeh

by Fereshteh (not verified) on



Ok,0k this is kind of funny

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Ok,0k this is kind of funny showing shallow side of the matter,

But this is a serious matter for people who care about our identity and heritage. lets fight for our right even if you never cared for the body of water that has been name afer our people for thousans of years. Lets not make light of this matter. lets not wipe our own name of the map. Do not let the enemy succeed!