EYERANIAN: Things we've learned

06/04/2008 - 10:57

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Things we have learned

by Luciferous (not verified) on

are very little.
Bettre make use of experiences of others than try to make own experiences. better learn from faults which are made allready by other poeple. What a sincere Iranian has learned is: better I had stayed at home and had helped my poeple to solve the problems by throwing out the devils out of country than leaving home in a very unsure future, emigrate in a society for which I do not count as a human being, where either I myself am supposed to work as a agent for local administration observing my fellow-emigrants or I get observed by them. These and likewise thoughts are what is remained. And what do i learn from them? Besides: there is no way back, not regarding WHY i have left. and those who remained live today in selfsufficiency with a big amount of selfconfidence. And the emigrateds, how do they live in the diaspora? when one out thousands gets a PhD all "IRANIAN"s experience it, thats all.


When we have looked in the mirror and have really seen ourselves

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

so better we breake ourselves.
Those Iranians who work under their own management cooperate deeply with each other. They live in Iran. others, the CIA-sponsoreds and those who can not get the reality and wait and see what the master bush orders, well, these individuals do not cooperate with each others. Because a cooperation is just not possible since the aims are different. Although a cartoon is presented hier, its subject is serious. The heros of the story want a Iran under management of strangers and each wants to be their only footman. So it is impossible for them to cooperate to bring the strangers back to iran. Greeting


zereshk has a point, but my

by claire (not verified) on

zereshk has a point, but my question is now that we are aware can we or rather how can we change deeply rooted patterns and work together??


I think it's genetic

by Zereshk on

Silly it may be, but I think it's genetic. We just have a built-in predisposition to not be able to work together.


Oh, this is the ultimate!

by Mehdi on

So funny. Because it is so true!



by Anonymouse on

When did the revolution fail? was it last fall or last year?  There have been so many dates about this subject which makes it confusing and on-going.


That's Cold!

by Sarvenaz1 (not verified) on

Ha Ha Ha! Ghash kardam az khandeh! So f***ing true, I can't help but laugh! Thank you for the mirror in which we MUST see ourselves "Eye Eye" Jan! When we have looked in the mirror and have really seen ourselves, perhaps we will start to think about changing (but not yet, I'm afraid!).