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07/25/2008 - 15:58

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I love it its so true

by Jasminebaha on

truth be told


Hey Y'all!

by eyeranian on

Thank you for the mostly positive feedback. Even the negative ones are appreciated, believe me. 

Just for clarification and as rightly included by JJ, the image was actually created by where you too can upload any picture yourself to get a similar result. So, I had little to do with the creativity involve, images used, etc.

I will not make any editorial remarks as those are obviously not my decisions but I think those who try to dictate what is appropriate or not forget that the site owner/editor believes "nothing is sacred". 

I missed the deleted comments but if they involved any other offers of hooking up, I look forward to it! :)



Eyeranian nothing cheers up Iranians!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

We Iranians are serious people.It is in our religion and also in our culture and we would not change anytime soon.I believe this picture was meant to be funny,but since we are serious people if we are happy we feel like something is wrong.I remember riding a bus in Tehran many years ago and these 2 Afghan kids came in with their instruments and started singing for the passengers.No even one person smiled or gave the kids any money.The kids left the bus at the next bus stop.Live Love Laugh



by ThePope on

Thanks a lot for deleting those comments. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

I'm sorry that I had to use vulgar expressions, but I really had no choice. I just had to answer that idiot in his own "words" and reply with coars language. He deserved it. It was a "crude" tit for tat. But again, sorry. (to all members)


Kaveh Nouraee

Sorry, but this sucked.

by Kaveh Nouraee on

If this was an attempt at failed. Sorry.

Don't get me wrong. I find nothing wrong with k*s. But this honestly isn't the site for it.

Besides, if you want to accurately illustrate what's on that idiot's mind, you'd have to include pictures depicting bestiality, child executions, drugs and alcohol (just the drugs and alcohol they consume is sufficient...otherwise you'd have to have a bigger picture), Swiss bank accounts with mountains of U.S. dollars, and instead of bimbos filled with silicone, have the pictures of the young boys these pederastic vultures truly enjoy.



What did you expect?

by Dariush (not verified) on

This shows how desperate jj is for a few more hits. He is not any better than those who post such images on his site due to his approval.
This is the results of no beliefs, no family values and no religion.


Pope,why photos of dead & poor? because Khamenei is the cause!

by gol-dust on

He and his regime have caused all sort of atrocities in Iran and continue to do so! The nude picture only makes people feel good that you have insulted him, which only backfires since the real message is lost! However, in doing so you are diverting people's attention from the real problem and open yourself for criticism as someone who is obsessed with sex rather than what your real message meant to be(???)!

I wish the porn would work, but it won't, since HIS doesn't work even with viagra! So there goes your good intention! Khameni and his gang should be hanged! Let's not forget the godfather cheney AIPAC!

Long live Iran! Down with the mollah regime, Olmert and AIPAC!


My 2-cents. I am

by Mehraz (not verified) on

My 2-cents. I am disappointed that you chose to put this on your site. You have brought yourself to the level of those you are trying to insult. is expcted to be better than that.


let's hook up:)

by EyeraniansHoneyBunny (not verified) on

My dear eyeranian, you may be sick or even borderline demented but also extremely witty and brilliant. Any man that can make me laugh so much is remarkable. Look me up if you're available and bring the original pictures, I wouldn't mind trying a few of the positions. :)


Ali hashishi ...

by Hajminator on


I've forgotten to thank you for the cartoon Eyeranian ;-)



Ali hashishi

by Hajminator on

It misses some opium and hashish images under the turban of Ali-gueda

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Nude model flag controversy ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


Dear gol-dust, be more open minded...

by ThePope on


It's good to see some k_ _-o kun mixed with Ali-gedaa's picture. They should make huge posters of it and send it to Beyt-e rahbari in Iran. Or put this picture in all govermental departments of I.R.I.! Why not!


At least, this picture is better than Ali-gedaa's nude picture that the basiji and sepahi brothers hang over their beds, so at night they can fall asleep!!! This pic can even change their mentality! You never know.


No but seriously, why do you think:" of dead and poor people would have made more sense"!!!! Why? Why always mordeh parasti-o geryeh zaari va bad bakhti for us, Iranians?





by Disappointed (not verified) on

JJ: This is so inappropriate for Where is your good judgment?


How desprate are you?Bad Idia.

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

Too much.I don't know how to say it but i wish
we don't have to go this far to find something to talk about.
Too adult for the region.


Congratulations for going porn! Totally disappointing!

by gol-dust on

Totally diappointed for this site! Some might have enjoyed the photos, but for porn values! If they were pictures of dead and poor people would have made more sense! Thank you for showing iranian values and culture so well! No political point against this jerk and murderer!


Totally a digusting porn for this site! Becoming a porn site?

by goldust (not verified) on

I am sure some enjoyed the photos, and congratulating this site for going porn, which is fine! But, what does it have to do with this jerk religious and political leader? I wish he had those pictures in my mind, so the iranians would have a more peaceful life! Cartoon? ok. Reality check? No way! Porn? Yes! Disgusting for this sie? definitely! May be picture of dead and poor people would have been more appropriate.


Just fell of my chair.

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

My darling eyeranian thank you, thank you. Another gem.

Omid Hast

اینا که میگن

Omid Hast

اینا که میگن حوری در بهشت اینها رو میگن؟


Heyff, heyff, heyff...

by ThePope on

Why ruin such beautiful pornographic pictures with ali-gedaa in the background? Heyff. What a turn off.


too much time on your hand.

by tehran24 on

looks like its what's on your mind EYERANIAN!