IRAJ: Boxing over Georgia

08/15/2008 - 23:51

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American Redneck.

by Whiteneck (not verified) on

Welcome to 21st Century!


To all you commies

by American Redneck (not verified) on

If you don't like America, take a hike?


US-Israel greed causing trouble everywhere

by Mehdi on

How much do these guys need? Is all the world promised to them by God? Is there any part of the world that is safe from ZioNazis?


The best reply is from Anonymous69!?!?!?!?!!

by Nader on

And I quote: "If you like Russians so much why don't you go and live with them."

The same classic and quick argument presented by people who feel they own "THE" moment!

If you don't like this country, then go home!

If you don't like my attitude, take a hike!

If you don't like my idea, bow down!!

Very intelligent argument I might add. Very intelligent!?!


By the way, well done Iraj. Keep doing what you do without leaving the country:-)



کارتون ِ قشنگ

کارتون (not verified)

Iraj خان
چقدر این کارتون ِ شما قشنگ هست. من که از رنگ آمیزی هاش خیلی خوشم اومده. به نظرم رنگِ قرمز ِ دستکش ها با شلواره آبی ستاره داره دوستشون خیلی match می کنه. فقط نمیدونم چرا دارن ظاهرأ باهم دعوا میکنند۰ البته میدونم که این فقط داستان هست واصلش رنگ آمیزی کارتونتون دست. در هر حال دست ِ شما درد نکنه.


This cartoon

by A.nonymous (not verified) on

I don't think Iraj is necessarily supporting the Russians. I think he is simply stating the fact that the Georgia issue is an issue between the USA and Russia, and that Russia has upper hand. I don't see any cheers being expressed in this cartoon. My 2 cents, anyway.


agh Iraj

by Anonymous69 (not verified) on

If you like Russians so much why don't you go and live with them. The Russians are the most barbaric and low lives monsters ever. If they have done what US did in Iraq, there wouldn't be any insurgent to fight back. Why? because they would level everything and kill everybody. In Afghanistan, these bustards use to yurn children's toys into booby traps to blow up the kids. Too bad they have nukes and that's why US won't dare to get involve militarily, otherwise they would do just like what they did in Serbia.


Re: ramintork

by jamshid on

Why he gets a buzz?

Here is your answer in one word:




A new low

by ramintork on

Most of us don't like Bush but why paint a heroic image of Russia when we know they broke the ceasefire and caused the misery of a small nation. Killing the innocent, causing people to be displaced.

Is that really heroic for you Iraj?

Do we get wrapped in everyday abstract notions of politics that we forget that war and armies kill innocent people?

Why would Russian's ambition to become a resurrected Imperialist force give you a buzz?



What is half of half = 1/4...!?

by American (not verified) on

Last time the Communist Russia invaded one of its neighbors (Afghanistan), it cost her loss of half of its territories-- After several years of bloody war, massive loss of lives, depletion of its resources, and big humiliation, it was forced to pull its forces out and the collapse of the Soviet Union started right after of it and the rest is history!

I wonder what percentage of its current territories Russia is gong to lose after invading Georgia!? Another half!? Maybe this gives them an excuse for all of the ex-Soviet satellites to unite and kick the left over commies' ass!?

By the way, Iraj, isn't it a hypocrisy living in the sunny California, enjoy the benefits of America, and yet constantly bad mouth it? If you are so much anti-America why don't move to Moscow?


kartone khobi keshidi

by paasdar (not verified) on

yeki bayad be en amrica bege, en zabone derazet chera moghehe ke be irag hamleh kardi loul shodeh bood. na inke russa kare khobi mikone, en ahmagh ha ham tazeh mikhan kare to tajavozgar ro anjam bedan.