IRAJ: Bush autograph

08/10/2008 - 06:52

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Omid Hast

To be clear

by Omid Hast on

I do consider Iraj to be an accomplished artist.  His drawings are a manifest of what he believes in, but whether his views are valid or not is for another debate.

I just could not understand this cartoon as I explained in the form of my questions below.  I am sorry if they are too sarcastic, and I do understand that Iraj never replies to any comments, so that is why my comments are not directed at him.


You know...

by Zion on

...your `artwork` would have been slightly less pitiful if you could actually draw a hand holding a pen a bit better than a one year old. Or learned a bit of English grammar.
Just a thought. :-)



by IRANdokht on

Dear Omid hast

that was quite an observation. Excellent questions! 


Omid Hast

I'm puzzled by this cartoon!

by Omid Hast on

Very nice and artistic drawing as usual, however I’m puzzled by this cartoon.

Why doesn't the rough and tough toilet paper TAKE shit from Iranians? Isn't it its NATURE to take shit?  

Why wouldn't the toilet paper take shit from IRANIANS? Is it because Iranians wash their shit instead of wiping it? Then, wouldn't it be that Iranians wouldn't take toilet papers, rather than toilet papers wouldn't take Iranians?

It is already apparent that the man is holding a toilet paper in his hand, does it need to say "NO NAME TOILET PAPER" on the toilet paper? I've never seen any toilet paper anywhere that has a name printed on it.  And if it needs to be said, why "NO NAME"?  For example, could it be called "SOUTH AMERICA" toilet paper?  And if so, why wouldn't "SOUTH AMERICA" toilet paper take shit?  Wouldn't it be "SOUTH AMERICA" toilet paper's nature to take shit? 

Why does the guy with the red tie is holding his pen UP? Is that how he writes, autographs?

Are they in a bathroom?

Is the man with the red tie finished with using the bathroom and is getting ready to leave?

Is the man with the mustache a toilet attendant?

Does he have a PhD who can't get a job so now he works as a restroom attendant?

Is he left handed?

Why is he holding the toilet paper so high?

Why is he looking at the toilet paper instead of the man with the red tie?  Shouldn't he be making eye contact with the man with the red tie if he wants his autograph? 

Why do I ask so many questions this morning?



A mouth like champs

by Hajminator on


Iraj jan,


I find that this picture of a central champanzee have a big similarity with W. you draw specially their mouths ...