IRAJ: Pimping

07/29/2008 - 09:34

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Quoting Shamloo

by Dar hasrat kherad jami! (not verified) on

I wonder if Iraj knows that the late Mr. Shamloo was on the previous regime's payroll? He took the money and the status and then badmouthed the regime and its affiliations, such as in the above poem! I wonder how Mr. Shamloo would evaluate his behavior if he was still alive today? Would he at least have the courage demonstrated by only a handful of literary and scholarly figures who have expressed their regrets in public about their past behavior in completely ignoring the facts about their country's progress during the Pahlavi era and instead doing everything to vilify the Pahlavi kings and exaggerate their mistakes? I wonder if he would still believe in the same idols who established reigns of terror in Cuba, North Korea, China, Syria, etc. etc. and some of whom have now appointed their brothers or sons to continue their dynasties! By the way, some of the intellectuals who have expressed regret for misleading the populace in the past are: Ms. Homa Nategh; Mr. Abbas Milani; Dr. Esmaiil Khoiee, etc.

Indeed actions speak louder than words ---- and history will show that!