IRAJ: remembering Mossadegh

08/19/2008 - 17:06

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Nader jaan

by Majid on

Don't waste your time Daadaash!

If you don't know this guy by now, you never will....LOL



by Revolutionary (not verified) on

Your posts are becoming more and more out of touch and full of nonsense. FYI Iranian revolution was great. It brought down a great dictator. All dictators have supporters such as yourself. Future generations will benefit greatly from this revolution.

Ziyad joosh nazan shiret khoshk nashe.


Why would I believe a word

by jamshid on

Why would I believe a word of your cartoon's message? It is YOUR type who spread lies about the Shah, brought us the "great" revolution, and contributed to destroying Iran for generations to come. And you have learnt nothing.

Now after 30 years, you are repeating the same bullshit. Why would anyone believe you? You guys have a bad reputation, you know.

Dr. Mosadegh was a great man, but the Shah did a lot of good too.

P.S. I have copied and saved this text. If deleted, I will keep reposting, until my account is closed.


Agha Faribors,

by Nader on

Could you repeat that one more time?

Somehow your post was kind of fuzzy to me!



The "ONE" & "ONLY"!

by Nader on

The greatest Iranian ever! 

May he rest in peace forever.

Iraj jan, thanks for the reminder...



by Faribors Maleknasri (not verified) on

iranians completted, what they had begunn in the times of thast respectable man, in the years 1978 / 79. since then all the world knows: American imperialism can not do anything wrong!
Also the Nations learn allways little by little. since a few weeks know the turks: America can not play the roll of great brother any more, so the turk ministerpresident Gul .Greeting