Kamran Khavarani: Am I a Drop in the Ocean?

Actually Boime never applied the word “Beautiful” to any image; his main concern was the social influence of art. He believed that applying the label “Beautiful” would canonize a certain work to the exclusion of others. That is how he felt until he was introduced to Rumi, primarily through Kamarn Khavarni’s works.  Rumi transcends all exclusiveness, and so the philosopher/poet creates an aesthetic haven compatible with true Beauty. This was the beginning of the transformation of Albert Boime as an art historian.

رومـيــان آن صــوفـيــانـنـد اي پـــدر 
بــي ز تکــرار و کتـاب و بــي هنـــر
ليـک صـيـقـل کـرده‌اند آن سينــه ها 
پاک ز آز و بخل و حرص و کينه ها

Paintings by Kamran Khavarani