Pablo Picasso, La Guernica

But when it comes to Cubism, Khavarani takes issue with the style. Boime describes Khavarani’s take on Cubism in this way: “Modern and contemporary art of the 20th century manifests [the] twisted side of humanity in all its ugliness, expressed most vividly in cubist and some non-objective paintings. Picasso…quite capable by both by training and his extraordinary gifts to render beautiful art chose either consciously or unconsciously to depict this world of sordid existence.”  In his exuberant assessment of the Iranian artist, Boime does not succeed in intellectually squaring Khavarani’s aversion to ugly images with his own lifelong confrontation of human suffering. The resolution of the paradox seems to be of a spiritual nature.  

عـقــل ايـنـجــا سـاکـت آمــد يا مضـل  
زان کـه با اوسـت، يا خـود اوسـت دل
عـکـس هـــر نـقـشـــي نـتـابـد تا ابـــد  
جـز ز دل، هـم با عــدد هـم بـي عــدد

Paintings by Kamran Khavarani