Photo essay: Largest Nazi death camp near Krakow, Poland




No you tell me

by Escape on

How anyone compare,the Death's of 7506 Palestinian's from Isreal compared to a systematic GENOCIDE of 6 MILLION Jew's by the Nazi regime?

You're only off by 5,992,494 people.
You must have no sense of magnitude.

This explains why you don't have the capability to understand why the Palestinians died when they started war with Isreal.

Better yet,don't tell me,I have an idea it's not worth reading.


Dariush C

you tell me.

by Dariush C on

How do you see the glass today? Half full or half empty?????

Based on what we see today from the Israelis, the glass seems to be half full. 

JJJ, Didn't I say you are Jewish???? The kind that is first Jewish and Iranian second?  I agree that any injustice should be condemned, but I haven't seen you travel to Palestine or Lebanon to picture the very fresh and on going Genocide by Israelis !!! I haven't seen you posting pro Lebanon, Palestine or any other country's banners, but i have seen you post pro Israel banners.  Yes, you have posted many anti IRI articles, but those serve Israel's interest.

Now, how is that Nazis exterminated the bodies, but they didn't burn the shoes, closings, suitcases, and other belongings??? What? they were so valuable that the Nazis wanted to resale them? Or export them? or they kept for souvenirs? or to be used against them in the future? Do you really think the Nazis were that stupid?  Germans were invading country after country that worth unimaginable amounts of wealth and these fools are talking about shaving the Jews hairs and selling them to textile factories for profit?  What a bunch of craps.  I cannot believe that they have been able to exaggerate to such an extend and fool so many people with such lies. Then again, that is why they don't want it to be discussed and questioned.  They know that this money making machine will be shut down and they will lose their license to kill.







by pas-e-pardeh on

Maybe, out of resspect for these victims, you should've refrained from bringing up the c ontemporary politics.  very insensitive.  

Thank you JJ. 


Deeply Sad and I am confused.

by AlexInFlorida on

This was deeply unjust and sad.

And I don't understand how a people that have experienced such brutality and slander, the jews, are today acting in such a racist way with palestnian inhabitants in their own home land.

Are they trying to take out the pain they feel on innocent palestinians who want freedom in their own land. 

Do They blame Palestinans for something?

In the Past over all history Jews were unjustly slandered, but today the words from those in genuine pain are not from jealousy or blame, I believe they are in no way disingenuous words. 

The young Palestinian boys are girls getting murdered are not just some pawn to be liquidated because you disagree wuth their right to have freedom.  They are human too, no argument will ever make what you are doing to them today correct.

Are Jews proud of what they are doing today after all they have been through?


Hoshang Targol

A timely photo essay, thanks JJ

by Hoshang Targol on

A few months back  I read this personal account of "life" in Auschwitz by the late great Italian writer Primo Levi : "Survival in Auschwits." The buildings in these photos look so much cleaner than what he describes in his account. I've been thinking about translating this book to Persian ( maybe we could publish the translation here on the site? Anyone for "group translation?")

P.S. Primo Levi committed suicide in 1987, he was having these recurrent nightmares, where he would be talking to other people, and no one would remember anything about the Holocust.