Phtoto essay: Sharing my Nowruz ritual haft-seen




After crying all week

by lissnup on

your beautiful words have put a smile on my face, and hope in my heart.

Thank goodness for all ghaati-paati people who are elteghaati in the nicest way!


Writing allows the soul to

by Ghahremani on

Writing allows the soul to web site:


A beautiful mind and a beautiful haft seen!

by Ghahremani on

Dear Nazy:

Your lovely haft-seen renewed the joy I had drawn from setting my own. Not only do you manifest great taste in your authentic design, but also your care and love shines through. I join you in your meaningful prayer and would like to add that may we all learn to tolerate the ignorance around us.

The world will never be perfect, but may each one of us succeed in perfecting ourselves. Happy Norooz to you, my friend, and to all those who understand the significance of new beginnings.