Photo essay: Finally got to visit Hearst Castle



ladan K

What's missing you say?

by ladan K on

It's called a soul. I noticed the same thing when visiting there.   And as for the tacky mish mash of art and style, this is what happens when you have more money than taste, and more clout than class.  It's the same thing he did to the newspapers he took over.  He stripped them of their souls.

The pool area you said was the best part.  To me it looks like a cheesy out of the way wedding hall cum glorified truck stop where you can lay by the pool and order a side of moussaka, before the two for one happy hour and pool bingo starts.  (the ketchup and yellow mustard containers on his dining table say it all! Imagine having your own private chefs and still preferring the taste of bottled institutionalized paste).

And people (with taste) probably told him the same thing too which is why he "donated" it to the State--saving him millions in taxes, and undoubtedly a few favors from the Governor in return.