Saaleh Akhar

Song by "Pakan"

27-Jul-2010 (4 comments)


A (Funny) Iranian in Heaven

A (Funny) Iranian in Heaven

Photo essay: Aghdashloo and Touzie tickle San Franciscans

by payam s
25-Jul-2010 (one comment)



If she was alive now

She might become the Susan Boyle of Iran

15-Jul-2010 (8 comments)
Discussing an article we had read about the Iranian legendary singer, Ghamar-ol-Mokook, my friend said, “I wonder what would happen if she were alive today?” Indeed. What would happen to a great performer, a lover of music, not to mention a woman with Ghamar’s free spirit in the Islamic Iran? The thought wouldn’t leave me for the rest of the day. In a twisted way, I realized that she did live in today’s Iran, albeit a hundred years ago! The article clearly indicated to such fact. “In those days, any woman without a proper hejab would be arrested.”>>>


Scriptures and Science

Quran... and natural sciences?

13-Jul-2010 (15 comments)
Those who search and often find scientific facts and nuggets in scriptures are not aware of the absurdity of their claims. For the simple reason that these books are ancient and having been written thousands of years ago can not keep up with ever changing of scientific paradigms. Despite the fact that our phenomenological understanding of nature remains the same (water is always wet, fire burns, sun is bright yellow, etc) our theoretical understanding evolves with time>>>


My lucky day

My lucky day

Photo essay: World's biggest jazz event under Montreal's blazing sun

by Nima Tamaddon
08-Jul-2010 (one comment)



Tehran Zoo

Experimental documentary

07-Jul-2010 (16 comments)


Iranian Blues

Iranian Blues

Photo essay: Kiosk at Yoshi's

by kfravon
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There's nothing like it

Wonderful Namjoo at Disney Hall in Los Angeles

07-Jul-2010 (2 comments)
I wish people would stop comparing Namjoo to Bob Dylan. As much as I love and enjoy Bob's music I do not find this a fair comparison. To start with, Namjoo has a great voice that poor Bob could only sound like in his dreams. Also, Bob followed a musical path that Woody Guthrie had paved before his death in 1931, and then entered Woodstock’s highway to fame. Namjoo has created his own style of music against all odds. He learned different styles of music, before fusing them in to what he presents to us today>>>


فردوسی منتقد نه ناسیونالیست

فرهیختگی و انتقادگرائی فردوسی از تنگ‌اندیشی و یكدست‌نگری ناسیونالیستی كاملا سواست

05-Jul-2010 (2 comments)
فردوسی این باور رایج را كه شاه چون فره ایزدی دارد و به اصطلاح سایه یا نماینده‌ی خداست با انتقادگرائی روشنی كه در برابر مفاسد برخی پادشاهان بزرگ مانند كیكاووس و گشتاسب بكار می‌گیرد متزلزل می‌كند و از عمومیت می‌اندازد. انتقادگرائی شاهنامه نه تنها پرده‌ی ابهام را از روی خشونت‌ها و مفاسد برخی پادشاهان كنار می‌زند بلكه نقطه‌ ضعف‌های رستم را نیز برای خواننده برجسته می‌كند>>>


Ready to Rock

Ready to Rock

Photo essay: Kiosk rehearsals at Secret Studios

by Nazy Kaviani
03-Jul-2010 (9 comments)



Aftabehs vs. Toilet Paper

I hope Go Green is a slogan that lasts long into our future

It is ironic to me that the recent political movement in Iran has been nicknamed the Green Revolution by the media. Yes, the same Iranians that invented everything from breathing air to toilet paper also invented environmentally friendly activities like recycling. In fact I have compiled a scientific list of 10 environmentally friendly activities that Iranians do naturally which proves not only that once again they are the best at everything but they are even the best for the environment>>>


انقراض مردان

« حنا روزن»: مردان نه تنها از زنان عقب مانده‌اند بلکه در حال انقراض نیز هستند

23-Jun-2010 (one comment)
درصد زنان فارغ‌التحصیل از مؤسسات آموزش عالی بالاتر از مردان است، از ١٥ شغل درخواست شده در آینده، مردان فقط در رشته نظافت‌چی و مهندس کامپیوتر از زنان واجدالشرایط‌‌تر هستند و در بقیه‌ی شغل‌ها زنان شانس بیشتری خواهند داشت. از سال ٢٠٠١ تاکنون، شش میلیون شغل در زمین‌هایی که قدرت بازو حرف اصلی را می‌زد و به طور سنتی از شغل‌های مردانه به حساب می‌امد از صحنه‌ی اقتصاد آمریکا محو شده است>>>



We rarely hugged, but on that day, we did

17-Jun-2010 (10 comments)
My father and I took a photograph a long time ago, but someone has cut him off the picture. What remains is the sight of a frightened girl – me -- sitting on a frightened horse. And the rest is only a fantasy. But if I close my eyes, I might recall the missing pieces and I might create that moment again as a whole. We’re surrounded by green waves of the Caspian Sea. The level of the water reaches the animal’s thighs and my feet. An arm (my father’s) holds the harness tight and I’m leaned forward, smiling>>>


Happy Medium

Constitutional Monarchy with Democracy

17-Jun-2010 (18 comments)
Now that the election is a year old and over, and the protests have proven to have been nothing more than an accidental flicker, all but off now, we can all finally relax and revel in it's gloriously pre-determined result. And maybe it's still too soon to be writing this, but I've been waiting a whole year to write this, chomping at the bit to get to this piece, since I was one of those crying for people in Iran NOT to vote, and didn't have any faith or emotional investment in either result. Seeing as it was never an honest true reflection of a free people>>>


Green Scroll in San Francisco

Green Scroll in San Francisco

Photo essay: On June 12 anniversary

by Bahareh N
13-Jun-2010 (4 comments)