Golden Gate Goes Green

Golden Gate Goes Green

Photo essay: Protesters carry 2000-meter scroll in San Francisco

by oktaby
13-Jun-2010 (9 comments)



"We Want Democracy"

"We Want Democracy"

Photo essay: Greens gather in Budapest

by Jahanshah Javid
13-Jun-2010 (one comment)



Mr. Khamenei is no good

Iranian academic community worldwide write to UN Secretary General

13-Jun-2010 (8 comments)
For many years, Sayyid Ali Khamenei has ruled the country ostensibly to establish a virtuous society, promote equality among Iranians, provide prosperity and security in this world and ensure salvation in the other, and fight for egalitarianism and the cause of the downtrodden abroad. In practice, however, he has promoted wickedness instead of virtue; a cult of personality instead of equality; poverty, arbitrary rule, and engineered elections instead of prosperity, security, and the rule of law; and international brinkmanship and support for terrorism instead of peaceful diplomacy. Mr. Khamenei is no good for Iran; worse for the world; and a disaster for the religion>>>


Time of Death

New video of Neda Agha-Soltan's final moments

11-Jun-2010 (103 comments)


The Secret to a Longer Life

Most of my time is sucked into the Internet

07-Jun-2010 (4 comments)
I’m not the first to notice how short the days have become. Ask anybody, even kids, and they’ll say the same. However, I must have been one of the first to suspect God of tampering with time. I mean, how would we know if He moved the earth a bit faster to shorten our days? But I checked, and I was wrong. I sat in front of a good, reliable clock and said it out loud, “One-Mississippi-two Mississippi,” and no, the seconds had the same length and, sure enough, there were sixty of them in each minute>>>



فلوتیلا دارد قهوه و نسکافه داغ و مجانی توزیع میکند. شما تشریف نمی آورید؟

ساعت درست سه و ده دقیقه صبح روز دوشنبه سی و یکم ماه می بود که به ژنرال Archibald Snicklefritz Von Badguy معروف به Villano دیکتاتور مادام العمر هفتاد و سه ساله جمهوری Tierras Infernal که در دریای کارائیب و 245 کیلومتری میامی واقع است و تازه به خواب رفته بود اطلاع دادند که ناوگانی که می خواست محاصره زندان مخوف و بدنام la Sabaneta را در سواحل میامی بشکند دچار مشکل شده است>>>


Kubideh Kitchen

Kubideh Kitchen

Conflict Kitchen's first iteration in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

by Foaad Khosmood
05-Jun-2010 (7 comments)



Daastaane Maa

Zed Bazi's latest (and last?) hit

04-Jun-2010 (8 comments)


What would Prince of Persia do?

The magical Dagger of Time in the movie Prince of Persia lets you go back in time and fix bad decisions

01-Jun-2010 (46 comments)
All the way home from the movie Prince of Persia we three cousins fantasized about what we would do if we had a Dagger of Time so that we could go back to our decision points in the past and do things differently. Some stock purchases, college majors, and divorces later we ended up in politics. How should we as a nation have acted so we wouldn’t end up in the mess we’re in? The conclusion was that as individuals we couldn’t change anything, except in unrealistic ways like taking a lot of money out of the country when 6 Tomans could still buy a Dollar and then funding a counter offensive against the dictatorial trends>>>


The Significance of Being Nobody

If we came to America chasing a dream, the dream isn’t necessarily as noble as “liberty”

30-May-2010 (9 comments)
America is such a land of opportunity that even our dog seems to have smelled it, and for that he didn’t even need to sniff much. Where else would he find his personal chef, not to mention two doctors waiting to clean up after him while he fusses over the perfect spot to do his business? The open doors of this land never cease to fascinate me. In fact, thanks to the media for wanting to neutralize the abundance of bad news, every day there’s a success story or two sprinkled between headlines>>>


Raised as an Iranian woman

Cultural values were much more influential than acknowledging my own feelings

27-May-2010 (21 comments)
Immigrant men and women from the Middle East experience changes differently. Men usually experience a sense of loss--loss of control, privileges, and status. On the contrary, women experience a sense of opportunity, freedom and possibilities. The same had happened to my late husband and me. More and more I acted as a curious observer who was soaking up learning opportunities like a sponge, and it strained our marriage when I felt that he acted unmotivated and disinterested in the new changes in his life, regretting the missed opportunities in the old country>>>


داستان هیجان انگیز زندگی فاطمة زهرا

درد‌دل‌هایی به مناسبت ایام فاطمیه

24-May-2010 (10 comments)
می‌گویند وقتی خدیجه حامله بود فاطمه از توی رحمش با او حرف می‌زد و نه فقط با او اختلاط می‌کرد بلکه او را دلداری می‌داد! این بماند که خدیجه قبل از فاطمه پنج شش شکم زاییده بود و علی القاعده می‌بایستی چم و خم کار دستش باشد. ولی بگذریم. موقع وضع حمل هم. . . اینجایش را بگذارید از دیگران نقل کنم که بعد نگویند فلانی آب تویش کرده است. اما ناگاه چهار زن بلند قامت گندمگون که گویی از زنان بنی هاشم‌ بودند وارد شدند. خدیجه ترسید! یکی از آنها گفت: “ای خدیجه، نترس. ما فرستادگان پروردگار توایم؛ ما خواهران توایم:>>>


Fathe Shab

For the people of Iran

21-May-2010 (11 comments)


Feminine reality

Feminine reality

Photo essay: Negin Vaziri in San Francisco's Canessa Gallery

by kfravon
21-May-2010 (12 comments)



Lucky Dog!

Lucky Dog!

Photo essay: Revisiting Iran's first animal shelter

by kfravon
17-May-2010 (18 comments)