Marvelous Maz

A long chat with Maz Jobrani

11-Oct-2007 (11 comments)
“I’m Pehrzheean!” actor Maz Jobrani declares in one of his Axis of Evil stand up comedy routines. To find out how “Pehrzheean” Jobrani really is, I sent him an email asking if ever puts raw eggs on his rice. “What red-blooded Iranian doesn’t?” was his reply. Later I met Jobrani in person. He’d invited me to watch his performance at Punchline, the illustrious San Francisco comedy club that has also hosted Chris Rock, Ellen Degeneres, Dana Carvey, Margaret Cho, Dave Chapelle, Rosie O’Donnell, and Robin Williams. Afterwards, we met in a nearby pub. Jobrani was in a sprightly mood.>>>


My version of paradise

My version of paradise

My love, my friends

by Hamed Saber
08-Oct-2007 (36 comments)



Around midnight at an open piazza!

I had no control no more… nor did she

04-Oct-2007 (3 comments)
Sunday, 9 p.m. - I am restless in this little apartment decorated in a way that only the 'Neuvo Riche' can manage to decorate. All the new accessories in the market…anything that is advertised…the hip and trendy … the whole apartment is making me feel out of place. In an attempt of protesting this vulgarity, I sit on the floor … no … I lay down on the floor and almost chain smoke my cigarettes … no Gitanes…they taste like shit … like 'Peshgel'. I stick to my Winston Lights, and pour down the cheap Vodka I have bought. Must be careful … soon I am out of my scholarship money and will be on the street, especially if I keep showing my contempt openly for this whole place. >>>


Ellie can dance

Home music video

27-Sep-2007 (12 comments)


Leave a light on

Leave a light on

Going for a walk

by Jahanshah Javid
26-Sep-2007 (6 comments)



مجموعه ای از لذت ها

مطالعه مفهوم "شادی" از دیدگاه ادبی

فریفته آموزه سلون، حقوقدان آتن باستان، که می گوید،"هیچ انسانی را خوشحال فرض مکن مگر آن انسان مرده باشد"، سونی مفهوم شادی را از یونان باستان تا دوران مدرن با جزییات دنبال کرد. او در تحقیقاتش یادآورمی شود که در یونان باستان شادی متعلق به دنیای پس از مرگ آدمی است که اعمال و کردار او از سوی جامعه بشریت قضاوت می شود. در قرن هجدهم، اما، شادی به مفهمومی انتزاعی تبدیل و قضاوت آن صرفا بر عهده شخص گذاشته شد. در این مقطع شادی تبدیل به "مجموعه ای از لذت ها" شد و دیگر با تاکیدات اخلاقی در ارتباط مستقیم نبود>>>


I still hate you " IRADJ KHAN"!

He used to grab my head and turn it left to right and side to side and up and down to cut my hair without moving himself an inch!

25-Sep-2007 (4 comments)
Getting a hair cut today took me back to my neighborhood salmooni , where Iradj khan, a GILAK man was a local shop keeper in "se raah-e takht-e jamshid" for as long as I remembered. In his shop there were all kind of magazines for customers to kill time until their turn, and a black and white TV. >>>


Revolution of the heart

Just think about it, hate is everywhere

25-Sep-2007 (7 comments)
What do you fear most when lying in your bed at night, just before sleep takes you away from your worldly worries? What secrets have you hidden deep inside your heart, hoping against hope that no one ever discovers that which you have hidden from plain view, but that which causes you so much anguish in the still, black, hours of the night. What demons torment the furthest recesses of your soul, your mind, and your heart, and make you long for some way to unburden yourself without risking your standing in the community, your reputation amongst colleagues, your self-inflated sense of importance in the eyes of friends and family, and without having to face the cold, hard, painful truth that all of us, you and me included, are flawed, fallible, and imperfect and because of this our lives are filled with many little and not-so-little fears.>>>


Feelin' hot hot hot!

Why do we like Chillis so much?

24-Sep-2007 (12 comments)
Chilli is a great way to instantly transform a simple dish into something a lot more special. To create a delicious and quick Oriental dish, simply start by lightly frying off some garlic, ginger and chilli in some vegetable oil, add your chosen meat or seafood and stir fry (increasing to a high heat) until the meat/fish is cooked. This won’t take more than 5-8 minutes if your meat is cut into thin strips and seafood takes no time to cook at all. You can add vegetables if you like, perhaps broccoli, peppers or green beans, and finish off with either some soy sauce or some oyster sauce and serve with rice or noodles. See? Simple!>>>


A new dawn

Reading comments can now be even more fascinating than the original article

21-Sep-2007 (7 comments)
I thought the ease of commenting could bring about substantial changes to the way that the site is used in the future. After seeing a couple of comments on one of my recreant photo-essays, I realized that the future has arrived and things have changed already. A simple calculation revealed that since the publication of the article mentioned above only 14% of posted articles managed to remain immune to comments (all articles till 18th Sep were included in this calculation). Let’s not talk statistics, but at the first glance an increase in the number of articles commented on is apparent.>>>


آخرین تانگو

فقط برای این آمده ای که از یاد من بکاهی ولی نمی توانی

19-Sep-2007 (one comment)
از دیشب که از سر کار بر گشتم به فکر دیدن دوباره فیلم آخرین تانگو در پاریس افتادم .یک حس خوبی در دیدن دوباره ی آن به من دست می دهد و شاید هم این بهانه ای باشد که از تو بنویسم .با صدای گوشی ام از خواب بیدار می شوم ولی از خستگی دوباره به رویا می روم .پرنده کوچکی از دی شب لانه اش را کنار پنجره ام درست کرده و با نوکش دائما به شیشه می زند و من این دفعه بیدار می شوم .>>>


Rescue mission

Rescue mission

Saving the Iranian cheetah from extinction

by Mohammad Ala
19-Sep-2007 (7 comments)



Got food?

God bless ‘Sprinkles’ of Los Angeles and ‘Kara’s Cupcakes’ in San Francisco for introducing such sinful cakes into my life

18-Sep-2007 (4 comments)
Sunshine fills the living room of a deluxe apartment in sunny Santa Monica, California, as I sit here enjoying the remaining 4 days of my vacation. Watching ‘Mystic Pizza’ with Julia Roberts (Circa 1988), with occasional mysterious clicking sounds coming from what I presume to be the sink area. I’m hungry. I begin to think what I could whip-up using the few ingredients available in the home of a young, high-protein eating, married couple who tend to eat out a majority of the time….Not much to work with, I can tell you. Having been granted free reign over the kitchen by my generous hosts, I am allowed to do as I wish in their exquisite kitchen>>>


Xena's gone

There is something just so unthinkably horrible about the silence, the vacuum, the hole in the world of those left behind wondering

15-Sep-2007 (13 comments)
One day three weeks ago our favorite cat disappeared. She was the most beautiful cat we have ever owned. She was smaller than a full size cat but she had a very leonine profile, grey with black tiger stripes, a bushy tail and yellow eyes. She could do a higher standing jump than any creature I have ever seen. She could launch from the ground to the roof of our house or a neighbor’s house in a single bound. At night I could hear the wooden gate rattling outside my bedroom window when she would jump up on it... that is the only sound she would make as she stalked through the night but it was enough to let me know that she was there. She spent a great deal of her time high above the ground walking along fence tops or roofs in the darkness and shadows like a Ninja.>>>


Longer vacations

... better workforce

01-Sep-2007 (one comment)
Making fun of the French is a favorite American pastime, none more so than when it comes to how much vacation French workers take. This really gained national attention here in the USA when France opted for the 35-hour workweek. Laugh all we want, but in my humble opinion, they will have the last laugh. The issue goes far beyond just how much one works or plays. The United States ranks last among 21 industrialized countries in the number of days of paid vacation and holidays it guarantees workers by law, says a study by the Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research. So complete is the corporate grip on the American psyche that no day in the year, not even July 4, the most patriotic U.S. holiday of all, is a paid holiday guaranteed by law.>>>