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Historian, Mystic and Writer.


Nabarz is author of 'The Mysteries of Mithras: The Pagan Belief That
Shaped the Christian World' (Inner Traditions, 2005), 'The Persian Mar
Nameh: The Zoroastrian Book of the Snake Omens & Calendar' (Twin
Serpents, 2006), and Divine Comedy of Neophyte Corax and Goddess
Morrigan (Web of Wyrd, 2008).

He is editor of 'Mithras Reader An
academic and religious journal of Greek, Roman, and Persian Studies':
Volume 1(2006), Volume 2 (2008), Volume 3 (2010). He is also the author
of 'Stellar Magic: a Practical Guide to Rites of the Moon, Planets,
Stars and Constellations' (Avalonia, 2009), and 'Seething Cauldron:
Essays on Zoroastrianism, Sufism, Freemasonry, Wicca, Druidry, and
Thelema' (Web of Wyrd Press, 2010).

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