by Jahanshah Javid
updated 16-Dec-2011

127 is an Iranian 5 piece band -- guitar, piano, trombone, bass and drums -- with roots in Iranian melodies and jazz with an alternative sound. Sohrab Mohebbi (guitar/vocals), Sardar Sarmast (piano), Salmak Khaledi (trombone), Alireza Pourassad (bass), Yayha Alkhansa (drums) and Shervin Shahamipour (back vocals, setar) are 127 members. Founded in 2001 by a group of young Tehran artists and art students, 127 has found itself at the center of progressive cultural change in Iran. Pop Emergency (حال استمراری) is 127's 4th album, which includes 12 tracks. There is also an EP version with 3 song in English, only available in digital format on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other digital music stores.

Khosravan Danand
Mousighi e Film
Charand Goft
Fardahaye Behtar (Video)
Mellat-e Sarfaraz
Khosro e Khooban
Man Kiam
Perfect Esfehan Blues
Pay the Price
Lost Bridge
Coming Around
My Sweet Terrorist Song