BIOGRAPHY I was born on June 1975. I got familiar with music from childhood, not through academic courses but by listening to Western and Persian music excessively. At 12, by watching “roll on “the song of the country band named “Alabama” I found that I love to play guitar. One night I dreamed a room full of guitars that a few years later my dream became true while nobody lived there anymore except two dogs. While loneliness at that home, still, there was sound that had not disappeared and this time through bass and guitar‘s strings, big drum and two dogs... In my way, I learned a lot from great musicians, Rock(Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison), Blues( Son House, Muddy Waters, Sunny Boy Williamson), Jazz(Charlie Parker, John Coltrane), Country and Folk (Neil Young, Ian Anderson) >>>

Baghe Vaba Gerefteh
Toop e Toop
Agha Ghazanfar
Faryadeh Feshordeh
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Abdi Behravanfar is an Iranian Singer, guitar player and singer-songwriter. He plays harmonica in country blues style. He is a member of MUD band in Mashhad and had a collaboration for many years with Mohsen Namjoo.

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سلام، فقط


فقط میخواستم بگم شلمرود بهترین و منسجم ترین کاریه که من از یه گروه راک ایرانی شنیدم
به واقع شخصیت منحصر به فرد خودش رو در موسیقی پیدا کرده
آخرین کارش هم،تازه به بازار عرضه شده.
به وبلاگ اش سر بزنید