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updated 09-Jan-2012

Azam Nemati writes: I saw the pictures of Aghasi's funeral late yesterday. I burst into tears and cried all the way home and all night. He was one of my heroes for having defied the odds and becoming an overnight success. He proved me and people like me right that he would not be a "on hit wonder". He was the embodiment of a kind, sweet and extremely charming person. I saw him perform in a small tent in 1978 at Cabaret Khorram (and will tell the story about that night). I was amazed at how humble yet funny he was and his voice was even more beautiful in person.

Well, Volak Nemat, damet garam for giving us so many memorable songs and thanks to you and your "dokhtare abadani" song, I got that nickname as a teenager and e-mail name I have chosen is a tribute to you and that song. My cousin also named her daughter Ameneh because he loves your songs.

Eyvallah, for being so humble despite your enormous fame and I and million of Iranians showed you how much we loved you when you toured the US. Remembering the memorable night in Palm Beach where we danced the night away while you sang, will always warm my heart and I cherish the pictures I took with you while you joked about Dokhtarebadani. How many Champagne bottles were sent to you on the stage? You humbly thanked the crowd and sweetly asked those gifts be given to the audience.

Rest in peace knowing that your songs will entertain the generations to come and thanks to you the people stuck and frustrated in traffic end up smiling because your songs always are blasting from my car's stereo while I sing along with you.

I have no doubt you will be entertaining and putting smiles on many sad faces in the place called "after life".

Volak, Roohet Shaad

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