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updated 15-Jul-2007

Azam Nemati writes: The "Music of Islam Vol 1: Al-Qahirah Music of Cairo" CD was given to me by an Abadani girldfriend for my birthday -- along with some magnificent Iranian jewelry. The title shocked me, since my friend knows me well. But the curious in me decided to listen. What a delightful surpirse!

It would have been more appropriate to name the album, "Music of the Islamic World" since the music in this and others in the series are a collection of classical performances from Muslim countires. This CD, volume 1, covers classical Egyptian music which is wonederful to listen and dance to.

Habibi Wa Enaya
Riqq Solo
Sami Bayati
Tabala Solo
Bint Al Balad
Quanun Solo
Samra Ya Samra
Nay Solo
Ana Fi Entizara
Ud Solo
El Helwa Dayer
Khatwet Habiby