On November 19th 1951, by the wishes of the nature, I opened my eyes to this earthy life, in the City of Tehran, Iran. I began my passion for music early in my youth. I found soon, the music is the most profound means of expressing my inner self, which was like a stormy ocean in constant upheavals. If it were not the choice language of music to express my inner self, probably, by usage of words, it would have taken me millennium to reveal the hidden me! It did not take very long for me to realize, music and poetry are complementary pairs, one without the other, puts a limit on the intended expression. I therefore drowned myself in the deep ocean of my being in order to connect to that elixir of a meaningful self-expression. The fire of music melodies is a hidden secret between the creator of that music and the listener. In this process, there is a merging of unspoken feelings between the two parties, the result of this emotional connection if resonates with a lager group of audience, that musical creation could remain as a symbol of cultural treasure for years to come. I was finding myself more composing Western Melodies, than relating to the Eastern Form Music. I was in love with many forms of music such as: Indian, Chinese, African, and Classic Latin.
Faghat To
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