by admin
updated 15-Jul-2007

Bruce Bahmani writes: I have a confession to make. Amr Diab's album Tamally Ma'ak is the first album of Amr Diab and the first Arabic music album for that matter, that I have ever bought.

Let's face it, as an Iranian you don't really go out of your way (especially nowadays) to buy Arabic music. And I'm here to tell you that this is wrong.

Sure, we've got almost all of Sting and Sade's albums (def. for you younger punks out there, an album is what we old timers call CD's), but we don't typically go out of our way to consider what I am slowly finding out is a wealth of damn good Arabic music. If you are like me and looking to correct this, Amr Diab's Tamally Ma'ak is a good album to start with.