Hey! I'm a Danish singer/songwriter/producer from Copenhagen but I now live in Berlin, where I, among other things, in the greediest way tend to swallow inspiration from the thrilling diversity to be found in this city, in order to develop my music. To make it mine, to get my own sound. I like rough beats, and to use my voice as an instrument. In the past I was singing jazz mainly, and that shines through in my compositions, I was also playing classical piano for many years and also like to blend the "classical sound" into my deep-pop-electronic-alternative-singer/songwriter style now and then.. I usually produce, play, sing and write everything myself, BUT in my newest song "BY You" is the lyrics lent from a good friend and inspiring poet Sofie C. A. Overgaard,. Her words make deep impression on me and makes me "hear" new tunes in my head, - coming from nowhere, made for her words only.

They Know It All
I Am Over You
Shimmer Girl
I Wont Ask For Anything
Make Me A Star
by Jahanshah Javid updated 11-May-2010

You're Killing Me