Minority Report, for “Antz” is in fact similar to throwing oneself on a minefield. One year has passed since “Antz” came into existence. “Antz” was created by a few bright young minds frustrated by the unrestrained domination of traditional and classic genre over Afghanistan’s music. These open-minded thinkers come not from the capital, Kabul, but from the periphery. “Antz” is mainly concerned with music performance. This is the first time in the history of this country that a group of open minds think about defining modern music other than traditional classic genre. This is parallel to the time that Afghanistan’s music floats in the sea of Indian music. “Antz” took their initial gist from the variety of folkloric Afghan music. Peripatetic local Afghan singers mainly address social issues and their romantic songs are bound to their geographical traditions >>>

Shahr Khali az Derakht (City Without Trees)
Bazar e Azad (Free Market)
by Jahanshah Javid updated 27-Feb-2012

Bazar e Azad (Free Market)

Band from Afghanistan. "Minority Report" album.

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