Singer / songwriter, Arash Sasan offers his debut Album Green Dream.

He says: ‘imagine sitting in a train; driving through a landscape in green, and you start dreaming in green.’

The Album has such effect; it is a journey through several music cultures. You hear Italian mandolin and mandocello in “Sibe Golab”( Apple), Persian Percussion (Daf) on a song about freedom (influenced by Students protest against the totalitarian system in Iran 2004), Latin Rock in “Daram Barmigardam” (I’m going Home), Country Twang and Harmonica in “Diware Sangi” (Stoney Wall), and finally a sweet Contemporary Jazz piece named “Green Dream”.

‘This Album was a challenge to incorporate all different genres that have been influencing my musical career.’

Free download: "Faryaad" (Cry)

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Green Dream
Az Doost Dashtan
Diwar e Sangi
Daram Barmigardam
Ghatar e Azadi
by Anonymous updated 18-Feb-2010

Faryaad (Cry)