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updated 15-Jul-2007

Poignant, innovative, epic, and soulful—these are but a few of the adjectives used to describe the music of Axiom of Choice. Formed in 1992 by guitarist, composer and Artistic Director Loga Ramin Torkian and co-producer and percussionist Mammad Mohsenzadeh, the ensemble’s goal is to define a new sound within the context of Persian music. They were soon joined by vocalist Mamak Khadem whose prodigious vocal talent complemented the original compositions of Torkian.

The name of the ensemble is a mathematical term, which clearly defines their intentional freedom of choice within the parameters of their compositions and music. As artists who immigrated to the United States, Axiom of Choice incorporates the sounds of other cultures – both East and West - broadening the scope and appeal of their music while remaining loyal to their Persian roots and retaining the originality, distinctiveness and integrity of their sound. Their original compositions are mostly based on Persian melodies and modes and have universal appeal because of their cohesive, seamless and natural fusion with other styles of music.

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