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updated 16-Jul-2007

Until very recently, it has been impossible to get Amir Baghiri's early albums on CD. Indeed, it has been difficult to get them on cassette or vinyl LP. Amir recorded and released them in his native Iran. And he did not own the rights to the music. The company that owned the rights to the music has gone out of business and the rights now belong to Amir. He is re-issuing all of his Iranian releases in a five CDR set, due in April, 2002.

His first album, Colours of the Caspian Sea, is a surprise and a gem! listeners will not recognize this as coming from the Middle East. It is lush and full of experimental overtones. Deep listeners will enjoy a tour of the Caspian Sea and its surrounding topography. Much of his early musical influences come from his older brothers, one of whom "tried (in vain) to follow in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix."

Amir's father was also an accomplished musician, but Amir's primary influence was from Western cultures. His early releases were very similar to Steve Roach's desert ambience. Amir has admitted freely that he was deeply touched by Steve's music. Of late, Amir has been stretching his limits and coming into his own, musically. Deep listeners will hear the development of a new hybrid. It is a hybrid of his older music (as heard here) and his early releases.

Autumn sky
Deep fall
Growing up
Killing time
Learning to fall
Nowhere like home