Cymin Samawatie - vocals / Benedikt Jahnel - Piano / Ralf Schwarz - Bass / Ketan Bhatti - Drums

Founded in Berlin in 2002, the band released their fourth studio recording "Saburi" on ECM. Born to Iranian parents in Germany in 1976, singer / composer Cymin Samawatie was raised bilingually and bi-culturally. She studied classical music in Hannover, focusing on percussion and piano, as well as jazz voice and composition in Berlin. Cymin Samawatie's compositions combine the musical colors of impressionism and the vitality of contemporary jazz. Her performance with Bobby McFerrin in 2003 was one of the highlights in her career. In 2008 she started collaborating with producer Manfred Eicher, founder of the ECM record label. Most recently she has begun composing for musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic, with whom she has performed on several occasions >>>

Por ze Seda
Für Walter
Beshno az Ney
by Jahanshah Javid updated 10-Apr-2011

Osnabrück Concert

2 track-snippets from a concert in Osnabrück, 2006.