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updated 17-Jul-2007

"Journey to Persia" has a great sound and artistic equality and is sold in the stores frequented by non-Iranians. This makes a great gift to introduce non-Persian to our beautiful music.


From the introduction to Dastan Ensemble's "Through Eternity: Homage to Molavi (Rumi)" CD: Seven hundred years after his poetry swept the Persian world, Molavi ­ better known in the West as Rumi ­ can still be heard within the lush rhythms and phrasings of Persia's passionate musical tradition. On Through Eternity, Iran's acclaimed Dastan Ensemble [with Shahram Nazeri] bring together an all-star gathering of master musicians in an unprecedented evening of virtuoso vocal and instrumental performances.
-- Tracks sent by Azam Nemati

Ghate-ye zarbi ("Through Eternity" cd)
Intertwined in love ("Through Eternity" cd)
Love, the fountain of life ("Through Eternity" cd)
Finale in Dastgah-e Mahur ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Midnight Sun ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Modulation to Dastgah-e Homayoon ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Shurideh ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Shirazi Song ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Modulation to Maqaam-e Afshari ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Gousheh Neyriz and Shekasteh ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Gousheh Khosravani ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Gousheh Daad ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Seven-beat Rhythm ("Journey to Persia" cd)
Prelude to Dastgah-e Mahur (Journey to Persia)