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updated 17-Jul-2007

Washington, D.C.-based musicians Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia and Sharam are Deep Dish -- couple of the hottest DJs and producers of house music on the plant! They are wildly popular especially in Europe and Japan. Their "Yoshiesque" double CD is simply magnificent -- nonstop (literally, there are no breaks between tracks) mind-bending dance music perfect for twenty and thirtysomething parties.

Mohammad ("Junk Science" CD)
Persepolis ("Junk Science" CD)
Wear the hat ("Junk Science" CD)
The future of the future ("Junk Science" CD)
Deep lounge ("Yoshiesque" CD)
The right way ("Junk Science" CD)
Fluke ("Yoshiesque" CD)
True ("Yoshiesque" CD)
Do you want to make me cry ("Yoshiesque" CD)
Under the water ("Yoshiesque" CD)
Music with a feel ("Yoshiesque" CD)
Darkness ("Yoshiesque" CD)
Flash dance ("Junk Science" CD)