by Azam Nemati
updated 20-Jul-2007

Alireza Eftekhari is one of the few artists that have gained the respect and admiration of classical music lovers eveywhere. It is refreshing to see younger artists continue to present beautiful classical Iranian music to the younger generation. "Yad-e Ostad" is a truly special album because the music is composed by one of our legendary masters Ali Tajvidi. The album is dedicated to him.

AshoftehHali ("Be Donbaaleh Del" CD)
Migozaram ("Be Donbaaleh Del" CD)
Tanha Maneshin ("Yad-e Ostad" CD)
Koodaki ("Yad-e Ostad" CD)
Peyghame Man ("Yad-e Ostad" CD)
Atashe Karavan ("Yad-e Ostad" CD)
Bazgashteh ("Yad-e Ostad" CD)
Safar Kaardeh ("Yad-e Ostad" CD)
Zamaneyeh Maah ("Yad-e Ostad" CD)
Samar Golha ("Yad-e Ostad" CD)
Rosvaa ("Be Donbaaleh Del" CD)
Bedonbaaleh Del ("Be Donbaaleh Del" CD)