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updated 24-Jan-2012

His music is simple, pure and original Hip Hop with forthright messages to his audience. The simplicity in his sound and the Persian rhymes that flows over the beats perfectly, all together is what Erfan's rapping is about. He is not into creating the fusion of Persian music elements in his music but believe it or not he thinks in Persian and he raps in Persian and he talks to his folk through his own Persian Hip Hop style. As an artist, "Erfan" is known for the complexity and poetry of his songs, which rely on wordplay, lyricism, and philosophical inquiry.

Sad Ghasam
Dobareh (2011)
Dobareh (2009)
Tasmim (Uprising)
Tasmim (Uprising)
Tasmim (Orig)
Khaaneh taa goor (Video)
Jadeh (Video)
Erfan (Video)
Sad Ghasam (Video)
Sad Ghasam
Raddeh Pah (With Ali Tarik)
Bia Biae (House Remix)