by Jahanshah Javid
updated 09-Oct-2012

Born in Iran in 1977, Hamed Nikpay learned to sing at the age of seven, encouraged by his mother who loved Persian music and poetry. At nine, he studied Tar & Setar, under the tutorship of some of the masters of classical Persian music such as Hooshang Zareef, Zeydolah Tolouee, Attaolah Jangook, Farokh Mazharee, and Daryoush Pirniakan. Since his arrival in U.S., Hamed has performed in numerous concerts before enthusiastic audiences throughout the U.S. His mesmerizing voice has earned him the reputation of being "One of Iran's Best Young Vocalists" among both the American and the Iranian audiences.

Benmay Rokh
Salam e Del
Cordoba to Kurdistan
Atashe Daroon
Maalek e een khaak
Pand az Koja
Madhoosh (Video)
Fareeb (Deceit) (Video)
Ahooyeh Mahe Nohom (Video)

Hanna Jahanforooz

Great singer!!!

by Hanna Jahanforooz on

I love Hamed musical work! amazing voice!

Ba dorood!