by Jahanshah Javid
updated 20-Mar-2008

New rendition of "Koodakaneh" first performed by Farhad. Dedicated Esfandiaar Monfaredzadeh, Shahyar Ghanbari and Farhad.

Koodakaneh (Video)


I love this singer ;)

by Mohsen Hussaini (not verified) on

I really LOVE and admire Hatef. He is one of my best singer...But unfortunatly he is showing up on TV like before... I hope this is not related to his God grant him healthy, wonderful and long life... Ameen.

FROM--->> Mohsen


yes but Hatef is alive and

by Behzad (not verified) on

yes but Hatef is alive and is probably one of the most underrated good Iranian singer around.

What I like about him beside his voice is the fact that unlike most other singers he is not just a recording artist, he writes and produces his songs.


not as good as farhad's

by maziar fayaz (not verified) on

this version is not as good as farhad's old version, farhad is so much better