IO Music Project was established in 2007 as a platform for cooperation between artistic friends with different talents. IO Music Project is an ongoing music project with members joining, staying or leaving. The core always stays the same. Psychelethno is the manifestation of the "Soul-man of the East" music that alters the state of awareness, creates visual landscape in the minds of the listener, uses synthesizers and a mix of electronic and ethnic instruments to identify the modern age ethnicity of the composers (in IO's case Iranian) and players and has a blend of Eurocentric synthesizer- based music with various African American styles such as Chicago house, funk, electro, and even electric jazz. So it is not completely Western nor Eastern. It is a picturesque, visually psychedelic, acoustically ethnic, inherently filled with electronic sound field and sometimes with a touch of jazz and blues >>>

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by Jahanshah Javid updated 20-Jan-2012


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