by Azam Nemati
updated 26-Aug-2007

One Iran's most amazing, world renown, talents is Rouhollah Khaleghi. Those of you who love to listen to timeless music, I have selected some tracks from two of his albums "Ey Iran" and "Remembering my father" arranged by his daughter Golnoush Khaleghi. I highly recommend giving these albums as gifts to those you want to be enchanted by the beauty of Iranian music. Thanks to Golnoush Khaleghi and Farhad Rafat for sending me the CDs to share. It is only appropriate to share the biography posted at the site dedicated to this amazing talent which will be remembered by generations to come >>> Visit Khaleghi's official site


* Ey Iran (Original)
* Ey Iran (Recent)
* Baharo Ashegh
* Do taraaneye Bakhtiari

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Dotaraneye Bakhtiari
Baharo Ashegh
Ey Iran
Ey Iran Original