by Azam Nemati
updated 26-Aug-2007

The album "Majar" was sent to me by Dr. Khonji. I loved the cover because of the artistic design. However, once I listened to the album, I was really impressed with the beautiful music and the selection of songs.

The collaboration is in perfect harmony and Konji's voice is heart warming. Overall this is a great Persian folk album with a fresh approach and modern edge. I am truly honored that Dr. Khonji and this group of talented artists have furnished the CD.

-- Dr. Khonji - lead vocal, nay
-- Aliz Bogárdi - violin, vocals
-- András Molnár - keyboards, vocal, setar, percussion
-- Bulcsú Babarci - guitar, udu, additional sequences
-- Kornél Kerekes - double bass, fretless bass, jaw's harp
-- Balázs Kerekes - doumbek, bongo
-- Zoltán "Csülök" Tóth - drums
-- Lyrics written by Dr. Khonji
-- Music compoused by Dr. Khonji except "Daybalal" (trad.)

Tracks arranged by Golestan
Recorded at Tevesound studio Pécs, Hungary, 2002
Sound Engineer: Péter "Teve" Sándor

Photos. Dr Khonji
Cover design: Bulcsú Babarciii
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Golestan is a Southern-Hungary-based world music group of Hungarian folk and rock musicians led by Dr. Khonji, a Persian living in Pécs, Baranya. We perform our songs in Achom, a South-Iranian language of the Khonj community. Our musical arrangements are of a hybrid style including Persian nomadic, Hungarian, Gypsy and other popular elements.

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