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updated 16-Aug-2007

KIKI is a group of young Iranian-American musicians in search of harmony between the Eastern and Western worlds. This includes the world of cultures, languages, values, beliefs, and music. Though their styles and influences have intrinsic clashing tendencies, they are united in that search for harmony. KIKI is: Mirage, Maji, Kiarash and Pedram.

"Persiantronica" is as the name suggests, a blend of Classical Persian and modern electronic music. A mixture of powerful vocals, with House, Old School, Drum & Bass, Hard Rock, Trance, Deep Acid, Turn Style and more, it also uses an 1800-year Persian instrument called the Santur. The lyrics vary from original works to poetry y Rumi in Persian, as well as Spanish and English.

Ey Iran
Rumi's Eternal Love
Fereshteh daryaaee