BIOGRAPHY Born on 13 July,1983 in Tehran, started his first experience of art with painting, he spent his childhood during the war of Iran-Iraq in 80's. he started his first musical activities with playing piano at the age of 12 and after a year he switched to classical guitar. At that time there was no opportunities in Iran to listen to jazz music but at the age of 16 he could find the access to some tapes of Wes Montgomery and he started transcribing his tunes. In spite of lack of any approach to the basic learning instrument or any kinds of media in the form of books or any kind of recordings , he started to learn jazz. Although there was no teacher and school of music in Iran and the first step of his learning process was really hard, later after the development of media in Iran in Midd 90`s he had the opportunity to listen to other jazz musicians and Kept continuing transcribing and analyzing the music of jazz legends like Charlie Parker,Bud Powell,Clifford brown,John Coltrane and many more >>>

Mirarab's Persian Side of Jazz album is a combination of Persian folk and traditional music with jazz . The composition and arrangement of this project that started in Iran in 2006 is already concluded and recorded in Vienna (2010).See Payam Mim's review.

Climbing Up
by Jahanshah Javid updated 01-May-2011


Live in Tehran: Mahan Mirarab: guitar, Hamzeh Yeganeh: Piano, Dara Daraei: bass, Amin Taheri: drums.

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