by Azam Nemati
updated 27-Apr-2012

Wikipedia: Mohammad-Rezā Lotfi (born 1947 in Gorgan, Iran) is a Persian classical musician renowned for his mastery of the tar and setar. Encouraged by his elder brother, he learned to play the tar and showed his talent by winning the first prize in Iran's Young Musicians Festival in 1964.[citation needed] The following year, he started his studies at the National Conservatory in Tehran under Habibollah Salehi and Master Ali Akbar Shahnazi. While at the conservatory, he also studied western classical music and the violin which led to his collaboration with various orchestras under the direction of Hossein Dehlavi. Some of his other eminent teachers were Abdollah Davami, from whom he learned the Radif, and Master Sa'id Hormozi, who taught him the setar >>>

Sheyda Ensemble
Shiraz 1975
Karevan e Shahid
Bedaheh Navazi (Video)
Daramad Dashti
Chahar mezrab Delkash
Delkash Part II
Pish daramad
Chahar mezrab
A Flower Tinted Cheek
Froud Of Sarang
Dance Of Birds
How Have I Felt Thy Pain
Daramad Mahur